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What are Red-Eye Flights?

Red eye flights, also sometimes referred to as overnight flights, are flights that depart late at night and arrive early in the morning of the next day. The expression 'red eye' originates from when passengers feel tired and get red eyes after travelling very late at night or early in the morning. These types of flights are most frequently used by business travellers who don't want to miss a day of work and those travelling for leisure who don't want to waste any of their vacation time during the day.

Searching for red eye flights with Alaska Airlines is made easy with Alternative Airlines. We've made a step-by-step guide showing you how to use our search form and apply filters so you can find the perfect red eye Alaska flight for you. Red eye flights normally last between 4-6 hours, but if you're looking for a shorter or longer red eye flight, you can do so through Alternative Airlines.

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How to Book Red-Eye Flights with Alaska Airlines

Popular Red-Eye Flight Routes with Alaska Airlines

Red eye flights with Alaska Airlines are mostly within North America and Mexico. For example, if you live and work in Anchorage but need to attend a business meeting or event in Chicago, you can book a red-eye Alaska Airlines flight without missing a day of work.

Below are more popular red eye routes operated by Alaska Airlines:

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Los Angeles ✈ to Cancun

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Seattle ✈ to Boston

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San Francisco ✈ to New York

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Portland ✈ to Miami

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Red-Eye Flights Tips

Not having enough sleep is the last problem you need when flying on a red eye flight. To avoid feeling restless and exhausted when you land, follow our tips and tricks below - you'll feel energised and ready to start the day as soon as you land at your destination!

Comfortable Clothing

We know looking smart for your business trip is a top priority, however, when flying on a red eye flight, we suggest keeping the suit in your suitcase and instead wearing loose, comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, hoodie, sweatpants and shorts. You'll be asleep in no time!


To help you get to sleep even quicker, we recommend bringing a sleep mask, a travel pillow and a warm blanket on board with you. If the airline you're flying with doesn't provide in-flight entertainment, it's a good idea to have your favourite TV shows, movies or podcasts ready on your electronic devices as these may help you relax.


There's nothing worse than finally getting to sleep on your red eye flight and then being woken up by another passenger who needs to get up from their seat and squeeze past you - this will likely happen if you book a middle or aisle seat on any red eye flight. To avoid this, we recommend booking a window seat so you can sleep soundly knowing you won't be woken up by those around you. You'll also have control over the window shutters meaning you can block out the bright sunlight in the morning.

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Red-Eye Flights with American Airlines FAQs

Can I book Alaska Airlines red eye flights?

Absolutely, and it's really easy to do so with Alternative Airlines! Our step-by-step guide shows you how to use our search form to find the perfect red eye Alaska Airlines flight for you. If you can't find any red eye flights with Alaska Airlines, you can still find red eye flights operated by other airlines on the same route you've searched for - you can even compare flight prices and times all in one place.

Can I buy Alaska Airlines red eye flights on finance?

Of course! At Alternative Airlines, you can book your red eye Alaska Airlines flights today and spread the cost of your tickets over time. We have 40+ payment methods to offer including popular payment plan options such as Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, PayPal Credit and more. With all of these options, you can secure your flight today and worry about the payments later. To find out more, check out our guide on Fly Now Pay Later with Alaska Airlines.

What time is a red eye flight?

Normally, red eye flights depart late at night anywhere between 10 pm and 1 am and arrive early in the morning of the following day between 5 am and 7 am. These types of flights are perfect for those travelling for business who don't want to miss a day of work or those going on vacation who don't want to spend time travelling during the day.