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Buy Flights with Zebit

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Buy Flights with Zebit

No. At the moment, you can't buy flights with Zebit.

Zebit is an online store and buy now & pay over time service combined. By visiting the Zebit website, you can get up to a $2500 USD loan, granted by Zebit and use it to spend on a range of products on their site. This loan must be paid back in 6 months.

Zebit sells a range of products from electronics, to kitchen & dining to jewellery. However, it does not sell flights.

Don't get too let down, though... At Alternative Airlines, we understand how convenient buying flights now and paying them back at a later date is. That's why we allow you to buy now & pay over time on all flights that we sell (with a choice from more than 600 airlines worldwide!)

We have multiple buy now & pay over time options, you can:

  • pay back the cost over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or more
  • delay the payment by 2 weeks or a month
  • split the cost over a 6 week period, making payments once every fortnight

How to Buy Flights With Zebit

Unfortunately, you can't buy flights & pay over time with Zebit.

However, here's how you can with Alternative Airlines...

  1. Use our search form to search for flights between any destinations and on any dates.
  2. We'll show you all the flight options for your destinations and dates, with a choice of over 600 airlines worldwide.
  3. Pick the flight you want and enter the details for each passenger.
  4. At checkout, choose one of our financing payment options.
  5. You'll have to complete a quick and easy application with whichever financing partner you choose. They'll make an instant decision on whether you're eligible to buy now & pay over time. Once you're approved, all that you need to do is make sure to make the payments on the dates agreed on (payment can be set up automatically) and enjoy your flight!
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What is Zebit?

Zebit is an online shop and buy now & pay over time service rolled into one. Zebit sells a range of products, including electronics, home, decor, beauty and much more. It allows you to borrow up to $2500 USD to purchase any of the products on its website and requires you to pay back the amount that you borrowed over 6 months.

Zebit does not sell flights.

Zebit & Flights

Zebit doesn't sell flights. But Alternative Airlines does.

We also allow you to pay back the cost of your flight over time. So, if you're looking to pay for flights in the same way that you pay for products with Zebit, Alternative Airlines is the answer.

Unlike Zebit, we give you a variety of different ways that you can pay back over time, whether it's monthly instalments, delayed payments or splitting the cost with fortnightly payments over a shorter amount of time. Plus, you can borrow more than $2500 USD for your flight.

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Buy Flights with Zebit FAQs

How can I use Zebit to pay for flights?

You can't use Zebit to pay for flights.

However, you can use Alternative Airlines to pay for flights and pay back the cost over time, much like you would pay for products on Zebit's website.

To pay for flights over time with Alternative Airlines, find the flight that you want to buy on our website and select one of our financing options at checkout.

Is Zebit safe?

Zebit has lots of safety measures in place to ensure your information an bank details is kept safe. With Zebit, you can shop safely and confidently.

How many months can I pay flights back in?

With Zebit, you pay back the cost of your purchase over 6 months.

At Alternative Airlines, the amount of time that you pay back the cost of your purchase is up to you. You can pay back in monthly instalments up to 24 months, delay your payment by 2 or 4 weeks or you can split the cost over 6 weeks, paying once every fortnight.

Will I be charged interest?

The amount of interest your charged will depend on the length of your loan and the financing partner that you choose. Some of our financing partners offer 0% interest.

Is there a chance I won't be approved for a loan?

Yes, our financing partners can reject your loan if they can't verify your details or you're not eligible for a loan.

Is Zebit available outside of the US?

Zebit is only available to US customers.

At Alternative Airlines, you can pay back the cost of flights over time in the US, UK and Canada.

What are other websites like Zebit?

Zebit lets you buy now and pay later by spreading the cost of your purchase. Similarly, Alternative Airlines offers lots of options when booking flights to help you split up the cost. You can book your flights today, and only pay a small percentage of the full cost, with the rest paid back in monthly interest-free instalments.

Can I buy flights to anywhere?

Yes, at Alternative Airlines, you can buy flights between any destinations in the world and pay back over time with one of our financing partners.

It doesn't matter when or where you're flying or which airline you're flying on, you can pay back over time on any of the 600+ airline available at Alternative Airlines.