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Buy Flights with Verve

Buy flights with Verve

Search for flights on over 600 airlines and pay via mobile when you select Verve at checkout.

Buy flights with Verve

Verve Flights

Verve is card provider that allows you to add debit/credit cards to your verve account. It also enables you to make one-touch transactions via their app. We are currently offering Verve in Nigeria and potentially expanding it to other customer bases.


Which countries can I use Verve in?

Currently, you can use Verve to buy for flights when you pay in Nigerian Naira (NGN).

Why use Verve to buy flights?


When it comes to purchasing flights, convenience is key. With Verve, you can streamline your payment methods by consolidating all the cards you own into one Verve card. This means you don't have to fumble through various cards or remember multiple account details when booking your next trip. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, simplifying the entire flight booking process.


Verve makes buying flights online a breeze with their user-friendly Verve World app. With just a single touch, customers can complete transactions swiftly and efficiently. Gone are the days of navigating through complicated payment processes or dealing with time-consuming forms. Verve's one-touch transactions offer a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on planning your journey rather than getting bogged down in payment procedures.


Security is paramount when making online transactions, especially for something as important as booking flights. Verve prioritizes your safety by implementing robust security measures. When you make a transaction through their mobile app, an additional code is required for the payment to proceed. This added layer of security ensures that your financial information remains protected from unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind while making your travel arrangements.

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About Verve

Verve is a card payment method that does mobile and bank transfers. It also allows you to add multiple debit/credit cards into one account, helping you to manage it all in one. Verve was founded in 2009 as a sister company of Interswitch. It originally provides banking services to several Nigerian banks only, but have now expanded their services to markets in Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda.

Buy flights using Verve

Use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights on over 600 airlines and select Verve at checkout to pay for your flights via mobile.

Countries that accept Verve

Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda.

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Can I buy flights with Verve online?

Once you have selected the flights on the Alternative Airlines website, you can select Verve as the payment method you would like to pay with. Then you are good to proceed with your payment details and confirm your next flight with us! You can visit our 'step-by-step' guide on how to book your flight for more information.

Which currencies are available with Verge?

We currently only accept Nigerian Naira (NGN). However, we will include more currencies and payment methods in the future.

Which devices can I use Verve to buy flights on?

You can use any electronic devices when you book with Alternative Airlines. Please do make sure you have your payment details with you when you book.