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Search and Book Multi City Flights With Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Singapore. Headquartered at Singapore Changi Airport, the airline currently flies to over 70 destinations across over 30 countries, including Bangkok, Beijing, New York, London and more. If you're planning a multi-city trip across the continents, Singapore Airlines can provide.

For example, if you're planning a multi-city trip across Europe, the United States and Asia, Singapore Airlines lets you start off in the bustling city of New York, spend some time in Frankfurt, Germany, and then finish your trip in Singapore. Or you can begin your journey in Singapore, travel to Hong Kong, the Cantonese Capital of the World, and finish your trip in San Francisco.

Booking multi-city Singapore Airlines flights with Alternative Airlines is easy - our guide explains how to use our multi-city search tool, letting you plan a flexible multi-stop trip all in one place.

Use our search form to find and book multi-city flights with Singapore Airlines.

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines

Step 1 - Select multi-city option in search form

Select the multi-city tool

Find our search form at the top of the page and select the 'multi-city' option.

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines

Step 2 - Enter multiple destinations into search form

Enter multiple destinations

Fill in your destinations, departure dates, number of passengers and the cabin class you wish to fly in. Hit the 'Search Flights' button.

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines

Step 3 - Select Singapore Airlines as preferred airline to fly with

Select Singapore Airlines

To filter out an airline of your choice, for example, 'Singapore Airlines', you can do so with the Airline filter at the top of the search results.

How to Book Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines

Step 4 - Review journeys and confirm booking

Confirm your multi-city booking

After you've selected the routes that best suit you, you can easily book them with one quick and secure transaction. We have 40+ ways to pay at Alternative Airlines, including Buy Now Pay Later options and virtual wallets like Apple Pay and Cash App Pay!

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What are Multi-City Flights?

The term 'multi-city', otherwise known as 'multi-stop', means travelling between 2 or more destinations/cities in one trip. For example, if you need to travel from Singapore to New York but want to spend some time in Europe along the way, you can do so with Singapore Airlines' multi-city flights.

Unlike multi-city flights, connecting flights or transfers don't allow you to spend longer periods of time in each city that you land in. With multi-city flights, you can spend a few days (or even a week) in between cities and make the most of your trip. Singapore Airlines' multi-city flights usually originate from its hub airport, Singapore Changi Airport, or across multiple cities in the US such as New York and Los Angeles.

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Why Book International Multi-City Flights?

The saying 'the world is your oyster' is very much doable with international multi-city flights. You can fit in several continents all in one trip, for example, starting off in the Americas, stopping over in Europe and ending your journey in Asia, or vice versa. The benefits of booking flights to multiple destinations all in one trip are that you can be as flexible as you need to be, especially when booking through Alternative Airlines.

Popular International Multi-City Stops

If you're limited by time but still want to pack in as much as possible on your trip, take a look at some of the most popular city-to-city routes across the globe:

Plane icon

New York ✈ to London ✈ to Paris

Plane icon

Bangkok ✈ to Kuala Lampar ✈ to Perth

Plane icon

Los Angeles ✈ to Singapore ✈ to Johannesburg

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Why Book International Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines?

Although Singapore Airlines doesn't offer domestic multi-city flights within Singapore, you can certainly book international multi-city trips across several continents with the airline. Choose to begin your journey in Singapore, fly to Tokyo and lose yourself in Asia's futuristic capital before ending your trip in Los Angeles, the city of stars.

Popular International Multi-City Stops with Singapore Airlines:

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New York ✈ to Frankfurt ✈ to Singapore

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Singapore ✈ to Tokyo ✈ to Los Angeles

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Houston ✈ to Manchester ✈ to Singapore

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Singapore ✈ to Johannesburg ✈ to Cape Town

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Multi-City Flights with Singapore Airlines FAQs

Do Singapore Airlines do multi-city flights in Singapore?

No, Singapore Airlines doesn't currently have any multi-city flights within Singapore, however, the airline does fly to cities close to Singapore such as Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Jakarta.

How do I book a multi-city flight with Singapore Airlines?

Our multi-city search tool at the top of the page makes booking multi-city Singapore Airlines flights quick and easy to do. You'll be able to manage your flights all in one go with Alternative Airlines.

Can I book a longer multi-city Singapore Airlines stopover?

Of course! When booking a connecting flight, you won't be able to explore the cities you land in and see what they have to offer. So if you wish to stay longer than a few hours, it's best to book multi-city flights - you can do so with our multi-search booking tool at the top of the page. You'll be able to pick and choose where you land and how long you wish to spend in each city.