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Buy Flights with Payoneer

Buy flights with Payoneer

Buy flights using Payoneer

Buy flights using Payoneer at Alternative Airlines. We sell flights from more than 600 airlines across the globe and let you pay with Payoneer, no matter where you are in the world or where you're flying to.

To pay for your flights using Payoneer at Alternative Airlines, you'll need to use a Payoneer card. This is a Mastercard debit card issued by Payoneer that is linked to the balance in your Payoneer account. Most people with a Payoneer account can get a Payoneer card and use it to buy flights at Alternative Airlines.

How do I pay for flights using Payoneer?

Buying flights with Payoneer requires you to have a Payoneer card. Once you have a Payoneer card, using it to pay for flights at Alternative Airlines is as straightforward as it gets. Here's how it's done:

  1. Make sure you have the details of your Payoneer card to hand.
  2. Using our flight search form, select the dates and destinations that you want to fly between and search for flights.
  3. Based on your search, we'll show you all available flights. Find the flight that's right for you.
  4. Once you've selected a flight, you'll need to enter your passenger details and select any add-ons for your flight, such as baggage.
  5. When you get to the payment stage, select 'Credit and Debit Card' and then select 'Mastercard Debit Card'. *Payoneer cards only work with Mastercard, so you must make sure to select Mastercard Debit Card..
  6. Enter the details of your Payoneer card when prompted and confirm your payment. That's it. Once you see the confirmation screen, your flights are purchased. We'll send you your e-ticket straight away. The only thing left for you to do is look forward to your flight!
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What is a Payoneer card?

A Payoneer card is a debit card that can be used to buy goods and services at any online or physical store that accepts Mastercard. For example, you can use your Payoneer card to buy flights online on the Alternative Airlines website.

The Payoneer card works in the same way that a normal debit card works, except, instead of using funds directly from your bank account, it uses funds from the balance in your Payoneer account.

Payoneer cards come in both physical and virtual forms. So, if you want to use it as a physical card in-store, you can. However, if you only want to use it online, you don't have to have a physical card.

To be eligible to apply for a Payoneer card, you need to have received $100 USD in payments over the last 6 months of applying.

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Why can't I see the Payoneer as a payment method at checkout?

Payoneer isn't listed as a payment method at checkout because the Payoneer card is technically a debit card. Therefore, to use your Payoneer card to pay for flights, you must select 'Mastercard debit card' at checkout.

*Payoneer cards are only accepted as Mastercard debit cards. So, you must make sure to select 'Mastercard debit card' and no other debit card listed.

Is the Payoneer physical or virtual?

Payoneer cards come as both physical and virtual. When applying for a Payoneer card, you'll be sent a physical card by default. However, you don't need to use it online at Alternative Airlines. You'll be sent your Payoneer (virtual) card details before your physical card gets to you, so you'll be able to use your Payoneer card to pay for flights right after applying.

Can I use Apple Pay with the Payoneer?

Yes, the Payoneer card can be added to Apple Pay, the same as a regular debit card can be added. This means that you can link your Payoneer card to Apple Pay and buy flights at Alternative Airlines with the click of a button.

How does the Payoneer card work?

The Payoneer card works in the same way that a regular debit card does. However, instead of being linked to your bank account, the Payoneer card is linked to your Payoneer account. This means that anytime that you use your Payoneer card to make purchases, it'll deduct from the balance in your Payoneer account, rather than your bank account.

Why didn't my payment go through?

There are various different reasons that your payment didn't go through when using the Payoneer card. However, the most common reasons are:

  • There aren't enough funds in your Payoneer account to cover the cost of the flight(s)
  • You haven't 'Mastercard debit card' as your payment option and have selected another debit card or payment option instead
  • The price of the flight exceeds any cap that there is on the maximum spend from your Payoneer card. For example, if Payoneer doesn't allow you to use your Payoneer card for purchases over $3000 USD and the cost of your flight(s) exceeds this, you won't be able to use Payoneer to buy your flight(s)