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Buy Flights Using Fundiin

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Fundiin isn't currently available at Alternative Airlines. But we have other options available for you to get your flight now and pay later.

Instead, you can try paying with Afterpay, Affirm, Sezzle or PayPal Credit. These payment options works the same as Fundiin. For more information, please visit our page below:


Buy flights using Fundiin

Looking to fly now but pay at a later date? You've come to the right place! You can buy flights from 600+ airlines around the world including well-known international airline as well as lesser-known domestic carriers. We offer a fast, easy and convenient flight booking experience that would make it easier for you to find your next flight.

Why is buying flights with us using Fundiin so special? Well... you can spread the cost of your flights into 3 interest-free instalments and have your loan approved instantly. There's no hidden fees or late fees as long as you pay back on time.

You'd only need to pay a small sum at the time of purchase and two other small sums afterwards. You won't even need a credit card to spread the cost of your flights.

How to buy flights with Fundiin

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Buying flights using Fundiin is fast, easy and convenient. Just follow the steps below:

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    Fill in te search form to start searching.

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    Give us a few seconds and we'll show you all the flights available for your route. You just need to choose the flight and press 'Confirm flight'.

  • 3

    Fill in the passenger details and select Fundiin at checkout.

  • 4

    You'll then have to apply for a loan to spread the total cost of your flights into 3 instalments. Once your loan is approved and we've confirmed your flight, you'll receive your e-ticket.

Fundiin & Flights

Fundiin is a financing option available in Vietnam that offers customers to buy goods and services and pay back at a later date.

Fundiin gives you the option to pay back in 3 instalments with zero interest and no hidden fees. You won't need a credit card to get a loan and your loan would be approved instantly as long as you're eligible.

You can use Fundiin online with Alternative Airlines. Payments will be automatically taken from your account and you won't be paying any extra fees as long as you pay in time.

Fundiin Flights

What is Fundiin?

Fundiin is a Vietnamese financing option available for customers to split the total cost of goods and services into 3 instalments.

No credit card is required as long as you have a valid bank card available. No interest or hidden fees would be applied to you and your loan would be approved instantly if you're eligible.

How can I use Fundiin to pay for flights?

To buy flights using Fundiin, you just need to find your flights, fill in passenger details and select Fundiin at checkout.

Then apply for your loan with Fundiin. Once your loan is approved and your ticket is confirmed, you'll then be able to get your e-ticket and pay for your flights in 3 instalments.

Over what period do my flights need to be paid back?

You'll need to pay back in 3 months. There will be a fee applied if you pay back late.

Is Fundiin available worldwide?

Fundiin is only currently available in Vietnam using Vietnamese dong (VND).

Do I need to be a certain age to use Fundiin?

Yes, you'll need to at least 18 and have a valid bank card to use Fundiin.