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Fare Lock Flights

Secure Cheap Flights with Fare Lock

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What are Fare Lock Fights?

Fare Lock is a feature used by certain airlines or travel agencies that allow travellers to reserve a flight at a specific fare for a specific time. This period is typically a few days or up to a week. During the fare lock period, the flight fare will remain unchanged, even if there are price increases. Fare lock provides customers with peace of mind and protection against price fluctuations. Customers need to ensure that they complete the booking by making the payment before the fare lock date expires. If you fail to complete the payment within the given period you will lose the locked fare.

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We currently don't offer Fare Lock Flights at Alternative Airlines, but you can use one of our Buy Now Pay Later options at checkout to secure your booking. Alternative Airlines offers a number of financing options that let you easily spread the cost of your airfare into easy-to-pay instalments. This includes AfterpayClearpayZipKlarna among many more. Instead of paying for the full cost at once you can break up the flight fare into weekly, bi-weekly or monthly instalments.  Please note that the Buy Now Pay Later options available at checkout will vary depending on the country you reside in and the currency you pay in.

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Fare Lock Flights FAQs

What are Fare Lock flights?

Fare Lock gives you the opportunity to hold a flight fare for a small additional fee. Fare Lock guarantees that your flight won't sell out and that the price won't increase whilst you make your final decision.

What if my Fare Lock expires?

If the fare lock expires, the flight fare is no longer guaranteed. Flight availability can fluctuate all the time, especially for popular routes during peak seasons. If your fare lock terminates, you must search for an alternative option.

Can I book a different flight from the one I locked?

Your Fare Lock is applicable only to the specific flight you selected during the Fare Lock purchase. It cannot be transferred to a different flight. However, if you decide to book another flight, you are free to do so. Please note that the fare lock for the previously chosen flight will simply expire over time.

When does my fare lock expire?

The expiration of your Fare lock will depend on the specific policies of the airline or travel agency you booked with. Typically, Fare Locks last for a duration of one week, but it's advisable to review the terms and conditions provided by the company to confirm the exact expiration timeframe for your Fare Lock. Please note that Alternative Airlines doesn't currently offer fare lock.

Is Fare Lock refundable?

This will vary depending on the policies set by the airline or travel agency offering the service. Some airlines may offer a refund for the Fare Lock fee if the reservation is cancelled within a certain timeframe, while others may consider it non-refundable. We advise that you review the terms and conditions provided by the specific airline or travel agency to understand their policy regarding the fare lock fees.

Can I transfer my Fare Lock to a different flight?

Usually, fare locks are specific to the flight you selected and cannot be transferred to a different flight. The purpose of Fare Lock is to secure a particular flight at a specific fare for a limited period. If you no longer want to fly on the dates you originally selected with the fare lock, you must search for an alternative flight.