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Domestic Flights Finland

Domestic flights in Finland

Discover domestic flights in Finland including airline information, airports available, check-in time, etc. There are more than 25 payment methods and over 160 currencies available.


Which airlines fly within Finland?

Finland has two airlines serving its domestic network including the following airlines:


Finnair is the flag carrier of Finland and it's headquartered in Vantaa and a hub at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It's an international airline who also operate flights within Finland. The airline flies to many destinations in Finland including Kemi Tornio, Kittila, Joensuu, Ivalo, Vaasa, Kokkola Pietarsaari and many more.


Norra is a subsidiary airline of Finnair and mainly operates regional and domestic flights on behalf of Finnair. The airline base at Helsinki Airport. It flies to over 40 destinations in Europe and internally. It was previously known as Flybe Nordic, Finnair and Flybe used to share ownership over the airline but in 2015, Flybe sold it's ownership to Finnair so it gained full control.

Northern lights in Finland

Why book domestic flights in Finland?

The snowy weather and the shape of the country makes air travel more efficient, unlike driving from point A to point B. Theboreal forests and lakes are another factor that encouraged travellers to fly. There are many airports across the country, from north parts of the country to the southern part of the country. The biggest international airport in Finland is Helsinki Airport (HEL).

Domestic flights are flights within a particular country and within its border, it's also known as internal flights. For example from Kemi Tornio to Helsinki. As Finland is a relatively small country, so flights would only usually last a few hours.

Busiest domestic airports in Finland:

Across all the airports in Finland, Helsinki Airport is the busiest as it's the main base for Finnair who also carrier international passengers within its hub and spoke network. It serves the city of Helsinki, the metropolitan area and the Uusimaa region. As Norra operates on behalf of Finnair, it is another airline that is based here.

The table below shows the top 5 busiest airports in Finland by passenger numbers:

HelsinkiHELHelsinki Airport
OuluOULOulu Airport
Rovaniemi AirportRVNRovaniemi Airport
TurkuTKUTurku Airport
VaasaVAAVaasa Airport

Internal Finland flights check-in times:


Online: Online check-in is available 36 hours before the flight.
Airport: Passengers must check-in 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

SAS Scandinavia Airlines

Online: Online check-in opens 30 hours before scheduled departure time.
Airport: Airport check-in counters opens two hours before departure. Check-in deadline depends on the route, please refer to the airline policy for more information.


Online: Online check-in is open from 36 hours before the established departure time.
Airport: Airport check-in counters close 45 minutes before flight departure time.

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What time do I need to check-in at the airport for domestic flights in Finland?

Check-in times vary and are based on the airline you are flying with and the airport you are flying from. For domestic flights, the advised check-in time is often a little later than it is for international flights as travellers normally need less time to get through the immigration and border controls at the airport.

Can I book domestic Finland flights online?

Yes! Alternative Airlines offers flights for over 600 global airlines including those in Finland. Simply enter your trip details into our search form and we'll present you with all the flights available for your route. You even have a choice of more than 25 payment methods available!

Do I need a passport when travelling domestically in Finland?

If you are Finnish or Scandinavian, you'll only need a valid passport, a photographic ID card, a Kela card or driving license with you. Otherwise, travelling with a passport is a must.

How early do I need to arrive for domestic flights in Finland?

It's recommended that all passengers arrive at the airport two hours before scheduled departure time when travelling domestically. This is to ensure that you don't miss the check-in deadline or the boarding time, especially if you're unfamiliar with the airport layout.

Can I pay later for domestic Finland flights?

Yes! At Alternative Airlines, we offer over 40 different payment methods including Buy Now Pay Later plans that allow you to spread the cost of your domestic flights in Finland over time. Some of the payment options we offer at checkout include Klarna and Clearpay.

Do we offer Walley BNPL? Walley is a Buy Now Pay Later payment method available in Finland. We don't currently offer Walley at Alternative Airlines. Please take a look at our alternative Fly Now Pay Later options here.