Domestic Flights within Fiji

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Domestic Flights in Fiji

Search and buy domestic flights in Fiji with Alternative Airlines.

What are domestic flights within Fiji?

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A domestic flight within Fiji is any flight that that departs from a destination within Fiji or its Islands and arrives at another destination within Fiji or its islands. For example, a common internal flight within Fiji is one that departs from Suva (SUV) and arrives at Vanua Baluva (VBV).

Although Fiji is small, it does consist of over 300 islands that are spread out and inaccessible to travel between by road. Internal flights in Fiji are all short-haul and the longest journey time for any flight is around one hour and 30 minutes. At this time, there are only two airlines that offer domestic flights within Fiji — Fiji Link and Northern Air.

Domestic Airlines within Fiji

There are currently two airlines that offer internal flights within Fiji — Fiji Link and Northern Air.

Fiji Link

Fiji Link is the domestic subsidiary of Fiji's national carrier, Fiji Airways. Due to its ties with Fiji Airways, the airline is the most recognised airline that flies domestically within Fiji.

Fiji Link is based at Nadi International Airport and offers flights to several destinations within Fiji, including to Kadavu Island, Labasa, Suva, Taveuni Island and Savu.

Domestic flight check-in times

Online: Online check-in isn't available on flights operated by Fiji Link.

Airport: Airport check-in opens 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure time and closes 30 minutes before.

Northern Air

Northern Air is a Fijan airline that offers both scheduled and charter passenger flights throughout a number of destinations and islands within Fiji. Its headquarters is based at Nausori International Airport. Northern Air flies to more than five destinations, which are known as "Spirit and Friendly North" (including Gau, Labasa, Levuka, Moala, Nadi and Suva).

Northern Air makes for a great alternative to Fiji Link, serving some exclusive routes that aren't flown by any other commercial carrier.

Domestic flight check-in times

Online: Northern Air doesn't offer online check-in.

Airport: Airport check-in is open between 90–30 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.

Airports within Fiji

Here's a list of all of the airports within Fiji that can facilitate flights from airlines (not all of them have scheduled flights at this time).

Bua, Vanua Levu Dama Airport BVF
Castaway Island (Qalito) Castaway Island Airport CST
Cicia Cicia Airport ICI
Gau Gau Airport NGI
Koro Koro Airport KXF
Labasa, Vanua Levu Labasa Airport LBS
Lakeba Lakeba Airport LKB
Laucala Laucala Airport LUC
Levuka / Bureta, Ovalau Levuka Airfield LEV
Malolo Lailai (Malololailai) Malolo Lailai Airport PTF
Mana Mana Island Airport MNF
Matei, Taveuni Matei Airport TVU
Moala Moala Airport MFJ
Nadi, Viti Levu Nadi International Airport NAN
Nausori / Suva, Viti Levu Nausori International Airport SUV
Ono-i-Lau Ono-i-Lau Airport ONU
Pacific Harbour / Deuba, Viti Levu Pacific Harbour/Deuba Seaplane Base PHR
Rabi Rabi Airport RBI
Rotuma Rotuma Airport RTA
Savusavu, Vanua Levu Savusavu Airport SVU
Vanua Balavu (Vanuabalavu) Vanuabalavu Airport VBV
Vatukoula, Viti Levu Vatukoula Airport VAU
Vatulele Vatulele Airport VTF
Vunisea (Namalata), Kadavu Vunisea Airport KDV
Wakaya Wakaya Airport KAY
Yasawa Yasawa Island Airport YAS

Why book domestic flights in

With an ultra laid back way of life, gorgeous beaches and fascinating sea life, Fiji is one of the most idyllic places to relax and explore.

Fiji has a large number of tourism each year, with Popular destinations such as Nadi, Coral Coast, Denarau Island and Mamanuca Islands. There are over 300 islands and over 500 islets in Fiji. In Fiji there are beautiful soft coral reefs that tourists enjoy discovering - scuba diving is a popular tourist activity in Fiji.

Although Fiji's two main islands — Vanua Levu and Vita Levu — have good public transport systems, there are still more than 100 habited islands to explore and travelling between them via road is impossible. Plus, if you're conscious about time, travelling within a specific island is still much quicker by train. For example, travelling between the cities of Nadi and Suva take around three and a half hours by road, but only 45 minutes by plane.

There are so many beautiful and breathtaking islands to visit in Fiji, however the best option to travel is by plane. Just hop onto one of the domestic flights (such as Northern Air and Fiji Link) to one of the islands you wish to visit. Domestic airlines in Fiji tend to use small aircrafts, so enjoy the chilled 'VIP-Experience' and relax on-board.

Domestic Flights within Fiji

Do I need a passport for domestic flights within Fiji?

Any form of photo identification can be used to check-in for a Fijan domestic flight. While you do need a passport to enter and exit Fiji, you don't need a passport for domestic flights within Fiji, regardless of whether you're a Fijan national or not.

How early do I need to arrive for domestic flights within Fiji?

If you'd like to pass through the airport comfortably, we recommend arriving at the airport 90–100 minutes before your scheduled flight departure time, when check-in opens. Airport check-in opens 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure time and closes 30 minutes before. Arriving between 90–100 minutes before scheduled flight departure time allows you enough time to check-in, pass through security and board the flight, with plenty of time to spare.

What is the baggage allowance for domestic flights within Fiji?

The free baggage allowance for domestic flights within Fiji will depend on which carrier you're flying on.

Northern Air gives passengers 15 kg of free baggage.

Fiji Link gives passengers 15 kg of free checked baggage and 7 kg of free carry-on baggage.

Can I buy domestic flights in Fiji online?

You can buy domestic flights within Fiji online with Alternative Airlines. Use the search form at the top of the page to search for flights between any two Fijan domestic destinations. There are so many beautiful destinantions in Fiji you can travel to - Nadi, Suva, Taveuni Island, Mamanuca Islands and Laucala Island. With Alternative Airlines you can book domestic flights within Fiji and secure your booking with one of 40+ different payment methods - Buy Now, Pay Later, Crypto, Apple Pay, Paypal.

How long are domestic flights in Fiji?

All domestic flights in Fiji are relatively short distance. Although Fiji has many islands to visit, its longest journey time for any flight is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Enjoy the scenic views from the plane journey and capture these breathtaking moments. Currently there are only 2 airlines that offer domestic flights in Fiji - Northern Air and Fiji Link.

Why should I visit Fiji?

There is so many beautiful destinations to discover in Fiji - You seriously don't want to miss out! Fiji is one the worlds place to go island hoping. There are 100's of tropical islands in the South Pacific, with incredible scenery, white beaches alongside turquoise waters and lots of Fiji culture you need to try out. Many tourists enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling - there are so many vibrant coral reefs as well as colourful fishes (You can find Nemo for real!).

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