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Cheap Flights May 2024

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Cheap Flights in May 2024

Buy cheap flights in May 2024 with Alternative Airlines. When you book flights with us, you get a choice of over 600+ airlines, 40+ payment methods and can find amazing prices on every flight.

How do I find a good deal? — we hear you! That's why we've come up with some really handy ways to find the cheapest flights as quickly as possible. Follow our tips for finding the cheapest flights in May on our site and you'll be able to guarantee that you will not miss out on our best prices.

Buy Cheap Flights in May with Alternative Airlines

May isn't a super-popular time to travel, nor is it the quietest time either. Therefore it's neither a particularly expensive or cheap time to fly. Of course, it does depend on where you're travelling to and from. For most of Africa, as well as places like Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Thailand, China, Japan and Vietnam, May falls in their 'off-season' so you may be able to find cheaper flights by travelling to these destinations in May versus other times in the year. On the flip side, some countries, such as the UK, have May half term or other holidays that might bump up the price.

Regardless of all that, if you're booking a flight in May, you'll want to make sure that you don't overpay. At Alternative Airlines, we've got some handy tips and tools that you can follow and use to ensure you're getting the best deal, such as our cheapest date calendar and our flight search result filters...

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Tips for Booking Cheap Flights in May 2024

Use our calendar to find the cheapest flight

Not worried about when you fly in May? If you know that you want to fly at some point in May but don't mind exactly when our calendar is really useful for finding cheap flights.

The calendar is colour-coded, with the cheapest days in green, the most expensive days in red and everything mid-ranged in yellow.

Sort by 'lowest price'

Once you've decided where and when you want to fly, the easiest way to find the cheapest flights for your search is to use the 'sort by' drop down and order the results by the lowest price.

This puts the very cheapest flight at the top of your search, with each flight gradually increasing in price as your scroll down — simple!

Check the lowest price for a certain airline

If you have a favourite airline, you can quickly and easily search for the cheapest flights for that airline by clicking on one of the airline logos on the banner at the top of the flight search results. This is also a great way to quickly see which airline offers the cheapest flights.

Pick the right payment method

While buy now, pay later or financing your flight doesn't actually make the total cost that you pay any cheaper, it can make the flight easier to pay off, plus can actually save you money by allowing you to lock in today's prices.

If you like the price of a flight today but don't have enough money to pay it off until later on, buy now pay later of financing allows you to secure your flight and pay it back on a flexible plan that is suited to you!

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Ready to begin?

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for May 2024

Where Can I Fly?

We offer flights from over 600 airlines worldwide, so, no matter where you're looking to fly to in May, we have lots of great, cheap options for you to choose from.

Cheap Flights to Europe

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New York (JFK) ➡ Rome (FCO) — return flights from $459 USD.

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Miami (MIA) ➡ London (LHR/LGW) — return flights start from $555 USD.

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Los Angeles (LAX) ➡ Paris (CDG) — return flights start at $692 USD.

Aerial view of a harbour in Split, Croatia

Cheap Flights to Orlando

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Chicago (ORD) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — non-stop return flights start at $124 USD.

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Atlanta (ATL) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — non-stop return flights from $98 USD.

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Denver (DEN) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — non-stop return flights from $178 USD.

Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, FL, USA

Cheap Flights to Corfu

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New York (JFK) ➡ Corfu (CFU) — round-trip flights start from $792 USD.

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Atlanta (ATL) ➡ Orlando (MCO) – round-trip flights from $1,558 USD

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London (LGW) ➡ Corfu (LHR) — direct return flights from £92 GBP.

Image of a white house in Corfu with a blue window and lots of flowers

Cheap Flights to Alicante

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London (LGW) ➡ Corfu (LHR) — direct return flights from £92 GBP.

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Birmingham (BHX) ➡ Alicante (ALC) —direct return flights from £82 GBP.

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Newcastle (NCL) ➡ Alicante (ALC) — direct return flights from £95 GBP.

Woman walking down the avenue in Alicante, Spain

Cheap Flights to Ibiza

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London (LTN) ➡ Ibiza (IBZ) — direct round trip flights from £73 GBP.

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London (LGW) ➡ Ibiza (IBZ) — direct return flights start from £77 GBP.

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Manchester (MAN) ➡ Ibiza (IBZ) — direct return flights from £95 GBP.