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Where is hot in November?

Aerial view of a tropical beach in Seychelles

Where is hot in November?

November, the month before all the winter festivities begin. Typically a colder, wetter and more miserable month for many countries around the world. This year, why not make November a month of sun, sea and happier times just before the stress of the build-up to Christmas begins?

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Tamnougalt, Morocco

Where is hot in November? | Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation nestled between Haiti and Puerto Rico. The Dominican is commonly known for its pristine beaches laden with white-washed sand, sunny, warm weather and classic Caribbean culture. The average temperature is 26°C but if you're lucky, it can reach highs of 30°C during your November getaway. The warm temperatures make it a perfect climate for a dip in the sparkling, blue waters that surround every inch of the island.

Average November Temperate: 26°C

7 hours of sunshine daily

Papagayo Beach Bar in Lanzarote

Where is hot in November? | Cape Verde

November is a great time to visit Cape Verde! Located just off the coast of Africa, Cape Verde is warm all year round and boasts plenty of sunshine for you to enjoy. The popular destination is an archipelago made up of 10 different islands and multiple islets, all of which provide a different experience from the other.

If you decide to visit this beautiful location in November, expect average temperatures of 28°C with little to no rain.

Average November Temperate: 28°C

12 hours of sunshine daily

Where is hot in November? | Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second-largest island in the Canaries and is home to a wealth of picturesque beaches stretching for miles at a time. Due to its windier conditions, Fuerteventura is an ideal location for water sports including windsurfing, and water skiing.

The average temperature on the island in November is 24°C which is perfect for those who either want to bask in the sun, or alternatively, explore their surroundings a bit more and work up a sweat.

Average November Temperate: 24°C

7 hours of sunshine daily

Bird eyes view on Kauai in Hawaii.

Where is hot in November? | Orlando

Orlando, Florida is a popular destination for many, often the go-to destination for theme park lovers and families alike. Located in the centre of Florida and the 67th largest city in the United States, Orlando sees an average of 75 million visitors each year. This figure is no surprise as temperatures reach between the mid-'30s and mid 20's depending on the time of year. November specifically seeing an average of 26°C.

Without a doubt one of the most famous attractions in Orlando is Universal Studios, however, there are plenty of other theme parks for you to enjoy including, Walt Disney World, Seaworld, Legoland and Wonderworks.

Average November Temperature: 26°C

10 hours of sunshine a day

Gunners Coin in Mauritius

Where is hot in November? | Jamaica

November is a great time of year to visit the tropical island of Jamaica. Daytime temperatures often average 30°C in the typical winter months and only dip to 22°C at night which is great if you're a fan of the heat.

Jamaica is the home of reggae, traditional boozy rum, and of course, jerk spiced chicken, so if this sounds like somewhere you'd want to be in November then book that flight today!

Average November Temperature: 30°C

7 hours of sunshine daily

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Where is hot in November? FAQs

What is the hottest country in Europe in November?

The Canary Islands are the hottest destinations in Europe to visit in November. Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife all boast temperatures of around 24°C/25°C.

What are the hottest places to go on holiday in November?

The hottest places to go on holiday in November are Orlando (26°C), Jamaica (30°C), Cape Verde (28°C), and Barbados (30°C).

Where in the Caribbean is hot in November?

Throughout the month of November, the Caribbean experiences a much warmer climate than the majority of destinations. The islands with the warmest temperatures are the Dominican Republic (29°C), Puerto Rico (30°C) and the Bahamas (28°C).