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Night Flights - Tips and Advice

Night Flight Tickets

Use our evening flight filter to search for your next night flight with us at Alternative Airlines. We offer tickets from over 600 airlines globally and there must be a flight suitable for you!

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What are Night Flights?

A night flight is a flight that departs from 10 p.m. (22:00) onwards. Night flights are perfect for travellers who wish to get some rest on the flight as the flight departure time matching most people's sleeping pattern. Depending on the destination, night flights don't always arrive at the arrival airport in the morning. It is, therefore, different from a red-eye flight.

Find night flights on Alternative Airlines by using our search form at the top of the page. We have a filter to show you all the night flight we could offer from over 600 airlines and you can also find the best day to fly using our best fare finder on our search result!

Start searching for your next night flight using our search form on the top of the page.

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How to Book Night Flights?


Fill out the details on the search form to start browsing for your next trip. Put in the departing the arriving airport, the travel dates, cabin class and the number of passengers, then press search flight.

Remember to choose whether you wish to travel on a single, return or a multi-city flight too.


All flights will be displayed on the page when the search finished. The box on the left are filters, where you will see 'Departure Times' when you scroll down.


Once you've scrolled down to 'Departure Times', select 'Evening (18:00-24:00) for night flights.


Once that's done, the search results will only show evening flights. Select your flight to proceed with the booking.

If you are unsure how to proceed with the booking, please check out our 'step-by-step' guide on how to book a flight.

How to Cope with Night Flights Tips

Comfortable Clothing

If you wish to take a nap on the flight, making yourself warm and comfy on the flight is essential for a good rest. Space is often restrained when you are sitting in Economy Class, so making yourself comfy is important. Loose clothing is the most suitable for flying, this could be jeans, shorts or t-shirts. The important, however, is to wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

Bring A Few Accessaries

The aircraft cabin is often noisy and sometimes bright from the reading lights. Sometimes airlines would provide an amenity kit to passengers, but not all do. So bringing your own will ensure you have something when you needed. Things like eye masks, earplugs, blanket, socks or a neck pillow are appropriate and potentially make a difference.

Prebook Your Seat

Seating on the window seat always means that you are less likely to be disturbed, as sitting on the middle seat or aisle seat may have to give way to your fellow passengers. At Alternative Airlines, you can pre-book your seat during the booking process. You can also check out our blog on 'Top 6 Reasons To Pre-Book Seats' to find out more.

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Night Flights FAQs

Are night flights safe?

Yes, they are safe! Pilots are trained to fly at night and rely on their instruments when in the cloud or when visibility is low. All commercial aircraft has radar systems and advanced navigation systems to guide the plane and notify pilots of any hazards ahead. In order to maintain their license, pilots are required to fly a certain amount of night hours too.

Are night flights smoother?

Night flights are usually smoother and passengers often experience less turbulence compared to a day flight. Evening and early mornings are usually less windy, which means turbulence is less likely to occur and the chance of thunderstorm would reduce.

Are night flights less crowded?

Usually, night flights are less crowded as it is late at night and curfews of the airport apply. Most of the short-haul flights would have stopped as fewer people travel on short-haul at night compared to long-haul / red-eye flights.