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Buy flights with M-BIRR Money

Search and buy flights with a choice of more than 600 airlines and pay via mobile money when you select M-BIRR at checkout.

M-BIRR Flights

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M-BIRR is a mobile money service that allows you to pay for your flights with your mobile. Once you've found the flights that you want to buy on the Alternative Airlines website, simply select M-BIRR at checkout to pay for your flights via mobile. Once you've confirmed your payment, you'll be shown a unique reference number that you must enter into your mobile to complete the transaction. You don't need a modern smartphone or 4G/WIFI on your mobile in order to buy flights with M-BIRR, just dial *818#, select Alternative Airlines and enter your reference number to complete your booking.

Which countries can I use M-BIRR in?

M-BIRR can be used to pay for flights in Ethiopia when paying in Ethiopian birr (ETB).

How do I pay for flights with M-BIRR?

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  • 1

    Use the Alternative Airlines website to find the flights that you want and select them to buy.

  • 2

    Enter your passenger details for the flight on the next page and select M-BIRR as your payment method.

  • 3

    Once you've selected M-BIRR and confirmed your flights, you'll be sent a unique reference number.

  • 4

    Dial *818# on your mobile to connect to M-BIRR.

  • 5

    Select 'buy goods' from the menu list and select Alternative Airlines.

  • 6

    Enter the price of your flights and your unique reference number to complete and process your payment. Once the M-BIRR has confirmed your payment has gone through, your booking is complete. We'll send you your e-ticket right away.

Why use M-BIRR to buy flights?

It's quick

All transactions are instant. Once you've entered your reference number and confirmed the payment, the transaction is complete and we'll send you your e-ticket as soon as possible.

No need for 4G or WIFI

Your phone doesn't need to be connected to 4G or WIFI in order to make a payment. The payment can be completed on your phone offline by dialling *818#.

It's secure

In order to access your M-BIRR account, you have to enter a pin-code that you set yourself. This means that no one else has access to your account, even if they have your phone.

About M-BIRR

M-BIRR is a mobile money service in Ethiopia that connects your bank to your mobile so that you can transfer money, pay bills, buy goods and services, withdraw and deposit cash at specific locations and much more. M-BIRR is the first mobile money service in Ethiopia and is a fast, secure and simple way to buy good and services online, including flights!

Buy flights using M-BIRR

Use our search form to search for flights at Alternative Airlines and pay using M-BIRR.


Can I buy flights with M-BIRR online?

Yes, you can buy flights with M-BIRR online with Alternative Airlines. Just find the flight that you want to buy on our website and select M-BIRR at checkout. Follow the instructions on-screen and use your mobile to complete your payment and purchase your flights.

Which currencies are available with M-BIRR?

At the moment, M-BIRR can only be used to pay for flights in Ethiopia when paying in Ethiopian birr (ETB)

Which devices can I use M-BIRR to buy flights on?

You can search for and buy flights at Alternative Airlines on desktop, mobile or tablet. However, you'll need to use your mobile to complete the payment with M-BIRR. You don't need a fancy smartphone to complete your payment, nor do you need 4G/WIFI on your mobile. You can complete your flight payment with M-BIRR on any mobile by dialing *818#

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