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Here at Alternative Airlines, we offer Laybuy as a payment option when booking flights. Choose from 600+ global airlines, then select Laybuy at checkout to book your flights now and pay in 6 equal payments. You only pay 1/6 today and the rest over five weeks*.

*Laybuy is unregulated credit, T&C’s and late fees apply.

How it works

How to buy flights with Laybuy


Available in the following countries

To qualify for Laybuy, you must:

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Be a resident of the UK, Australia or New Zealand

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Pay in GBP, AUD or NZD

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Be aged 18 or over

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Submit a few personal details for verification.*

*When you apply for a Laybuy account, you’ll need to pass a soft credit check. Visit Laybuy for full T&C’s.

Find the best flights for you & split the cost with Laybuy

Want to book your flights today and pay later? Use Laybuy at checkout to book flights with any of the 600+ airlines we ticket on our site.

600+ airlines to choose from

Booking your flights through Alternative Airlines means you can pay with Laybuy when booking flights with any of the 600+ airlines that we ticket. Whether you're looking for a short regional flight or a tour across the world, Alternative Airlines makes it quick and simple to compare and select your flights. You can use Laybuy as a payment method on every single flight we sell.

E-tickets sent instantly

After you've booked your flight through us and made the first payment with Laybuy, we'll send you your e-tickets immediately. Sometimes we need to do a couple of extra checks before sending your ticket. This depends on the airline, and there is no need to worry. We'll make sure to send you your e-ticket within 24 hours, while keeping you updated along the way.

Laybuy & Flights

Book flights with Alternative Airlines spread the cost of any flight that you book with us. We offer Laybuy to our customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Book your flights today and select Laybuy to pay in 6 equal payments, due weekly.


How do I manage my Laybuy account?

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You can manage your Laybuy account online or in the Laybuy app.

- Check your purchases - Manage your orders and instalments

- See when your payments are due

- Make early repayments

How do I create an account with Laybuy?

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1. If you’re a new Laybuy customer, visit Laybuy and enter your details to open an account.
2. You’ll need to agree to Laybuy’s consumer T&C’s where you’ll find more information about the credit search that is carried out by Laybuy, as well as other important information about the risks associated with using Laybuy.
3. If you’re approved, Laybuy will let you know straight away. Laybuy might need more information and can’t guarantee you’ll be approved.

Who can use Laybuy for flights?

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Laybuy for flights with Alternative Airlines is available for residents of New Zealand, Australia and the UK, who are at least 18 years old. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Limits vary and are dependent on an assessment of your ability to meet repayment obligations. Laybuy’s full eligibility criteria applies. Visit Laybuy’s terms and conditions for more information.

Will interest be charged on my Laybuy payments?

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Laybuy is always interest-free. However, if you miss a payment you will be charged a late fee and this may affect your ability to access credit with Laybuy in the future. Laybuy is credit and it is not regulated by the FCA.

What happens if I can't pay a Laybuy instalment?

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A late payment fee will apply if you miss a payment. A £6 late fee is charged within the first 24 hours after the due date. If a payment is 7 days late, another £6 will be charged. The maximum amount of late fees charged per purchase is £24. You can’t pay by Laybuy until outstanding amounts are paid. Missed payments will be reported to a credit reference agency, which could have an impact on your credit score and impact your ability to use Laybuy in future. Laybuy debts may be passed to a debt collection agency. Visit Laybuy to learn more.

How can I use Laybuy to pay for flights?

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Alternative Airlines is a global flights search and booking website, which lets you compare flights with more than 600+ global airlines. We’ve partnered with Laybuy to bring you a new way to pay for flights. Simply select your flights then choose Laybuy at checkout to pay in 6 equal payments, made weekly.

Can I use Laybuy for domestic flights within Australia?

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Yes, if you're an Australian resident looking to book flights within Australia, you can use Laybuy when you book through Alternative Airlines. Whether you're flying for business or visiting family, Alternative Airlines lets you book flights on a wide range of airlines that fly domestically within Australia. Popular airlines include Jetstar, Qantas and Tigerair Australia.

Can Laybuy be used for international flights?

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Yes! If you are a resident of Australia, New Zealand or the UK, and over the age of 18, you can search and book flights on over 600 global airlines and pay using Laybuy, whether you’re booking a domestic flight or an international one.

Can Laybuy for flights to New Zealand?

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Yes, you can use Laybuy to pay for flights to New Zealand when you book with Alternative Airlines.

Laybuy is unregulated credit and is lending money to you so please use it responsibly, you'll need to repay each purchase in 6 instalments, due weekly, missing payments may affect your credit score and limit your access to Laybuy and third party credit. Unpaid debt is passed to a debt collection agency.

Fees & charges
Please use Laybuy responsibly. Laybuy lends you a fixed amount of credit so you can pay for your purchase over 6 instalments, due weekly. You must be 18+ and a permanent UK resident (excl Channel Islands). Acceptance is not guaranteed. T&Cs and other eligibility criteria apply. Missing payments may affect your credit score, limit your access to Laybuy and affect your ability to access third party credit in future. Ensure you can make payments on time. Laybuy charges a £6 late fee for each late instalment, and a further £6 if it's still unpaid 7 days later. The maximum amount of late fees charged per purchase is £24. Unpaid debt is passed to a debt collection agency. Laybuy is credit that is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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