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Laybuy lets you book your flights today and pay at a later date, simply by searching for your flights and selecting 'Laybuy' when you get to the checkout stage.

By choosing Laybuy, you get to reserve the right flights for you and lock in today's prices, but without the pressure to pay the full cost upfront. You're able to book now and pay back in 6 equal payments, with the first payment made at the time of purchase, and each of the additional 5 payments due for each week. What's more, Laybuy is 100% interest-free!

It's easy, all you need to do is search for flights using the Alternative Airlines search bar at the top of the page, select the right flight for you, and then choose Laybuy at checkout.

Pay over 6 weeks

Interest free

Fast approval decision

How it works

How to buy flights with Laybuy


Available in the following countries

To qualify for Laybuy, you must:

World icon in light blue circle

Be a resident of the UK, Australia or New Zealand

Dollar sign in light blue circle

Pay in GBP, AUD or NZD

18+ light blue icon in circle

Be aged 18 or over

Blue icon with human and dark blue ticket - verification

Submit a few personal details for verification

Find the best flight for you & split the cost with Laybuy

Want to book your flights today and pay later? Use Laybuy at checkout to book flights with any of the 600+ airlines we ticket on our site.

600+ airlines to choose from

Booking your flights through Alternative Airlines means you can pay with Laybuy and choose from 600+ airlines that we ticket.

You can use Laybuy as a payment method on every single flight we sell. Whether you're looking for a quick regional flight or a tour across the world, we've got you covered - budgeting for your flight is made easy when you pay with Laybuy.

E-tickets sent instantly

After you've booked your flight through us and made the first payment with Laybuy, we'll send you your e-tickets immediately.

On rare occasions, we made need to do a couple of extra checks before sending your ticket. There's no need to worry though is this is procedural and we'll make sure to send your ticket to you within 24 hours, keeping you updated along the way.

Laybuy & Flights

Laybuy is a very popular Buy Now Pay Later payment method that lets you make purchases online and spread the cost into 6 equal payments, paid over 6 weeks. The first payment needs to be cleared at the time of booking, with the following payments made weekly. Laybuy is completely interest-free - this means you'll only pay the total cost of your flights, as displayed at checkout, with no interest on top.

Laybuy is an easier, more convenient way to purchase your flights, as it breaks up the cost of a large purchase, making it more affordable.


How can I use Laybuy to pay for flights?

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Its quick, easy, and simple to pay for your flights using Laybuy when you book through Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines is a global flights search and booking website, which lets you compare flights on over 600 global airlines. All you need to do is search, book your flights, then select Laybuy at checkout. Laybuy will ask a few quesions, then an instant deciision will be made, and your flights will be confirmed straight-away.

You can log into yoour Laybuy account online or via their app to manage your payments.

How is the cost of my flights split?

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The costs of your flights are split into six equal payments, which will be paid once a week for six weeks. The first of your 6 payments will be equal to one sixth of the total purchase price. The remaining 5 payments are taken each week on the day of your original purchase.

Will interest be charged on my Laybuy payments?

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No, Laybuy does not charge interest.

Is there a chance I won't be approved?

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Yes, it is possible that you will not be eligible, if Laybuy can't verify your details or if you're not eligible to use Laybuy due to your credit file. In this case, your flight payment will not be approved.

Does Laybuy perform a Credit Check?

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Yes, for all new users, Laybuy performs a soft credit check to obtain a credit score upon registration. It doesn't take long to be confirmed and to have your account verified, at which point Laybuy assigns a 'Laybuy limit', and you're able to get shopping straight away.

Where is Laybuy available?

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Laybuy is available for residents of New Zealand, Australia and the UK, who are at least 18 years old.

Can I use Laybuy to pay for domestic flights within Australia?

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Yes, if you're an Australian resident looking to book flights within Australia, it is now more affordable than ever thanks to Laybuy. Whether you're flying for business or visiting family, Alternative Airlines lets you book flights on a wide range of airlines that fly domestically within Australia. Popular airlines include Jetstar, Qantas and Tigerair Australia.

Can Laybuy be used for international flights?

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Yes! If you are a resident of Australia, New Zealand or the UK, and over the age of 18, you can search and book flights on over 600 global airlines and pay using Laybuy, whether that is a domestic flight or an international one!

Will my payments be automatic?

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Your payments will be automatic. You can always check your scheduled payment dates by logging-in to your Laybuy account.

When will I need to make my first payment?

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You will need to pay the first instalment of at the time you book your flights. The following 5 payments will be take on the same day over the following 5 weeks.

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