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Gryphon Airlines Update

Gryphon Airlines has ceased operations as of 2012. This means you cannot purchase flights with Gryphon Airlines at Alternative Airlines.

Please take a look at the alternative airlines below that fly similar routes to Gryphon Airlines.

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About Gryphon Airlines

Gryphon Airlines was an airline based in Virgini, United States, that offered scheduled flights for military personnel travelling between destinations across the Middle East, including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The airline operated out of its hub in Kuwait International Airport and used a fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC and MD aircraft to transport its passengers.

Gryphon Airlines began operations in 2007, however, it has since ceased operations. The airline suspended all operations in 2012 after its parent company, Ryan International Airlines, filed for bankruptcy.


Gryphon Airlines operated flights to select destinations across the Middle East including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. These flights were only available for military personnel from the United States.


Afghanistan Kandahar Kandahar International Airport
Afghanistan Bagram Bagram Airfield
Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Banja Luka International Airport
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar Mostar International Airport
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Sarajevo International Airport
Iraq Baghdad Baghdad International Airport
Iraq Najaf Al Najaf International Airport
Kuwait Kuwait City Kuwait International Airport
United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai International Airport
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi International Airport

Baggage Allowance

Gryphon Airlines only offered special services for military personnel originating from the United States. This means that the baggage policies would have varied compared to other commercial passenger airlines.

As a general guideline, Gryphon Airlines may have allowed 1 piece of carry-on baggage and 1 piece of checked baggage per passenger.

The carry-on baggage would have to weigh less than 7 kg. The checked baggage would have to weigh less than 23 kg.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Online check-in wasn't available for flights with Gryphon Airlines.

Airport Check-In

To check-in for Gryphon Airlines flights, passengers would need to do so at the airport.

The airline advised passengers to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight was scheduled to depart. This would allow enough time for passengers to check-in and clear security.

Cabin Class

Due to the aircraft that Gryphon Airlines used when in operation, it only offered a single-class cabin configuration. Passengers could expect an economy-level of service with comfortable seating and the opportunity to upgrade to seats with extra legroom for a fee.

In-flight Entertainment

Due to the nature of flights operated by Gryphon Airlines, in-flight entertainment was not provided.

Meal Options

Meals were not offered on flights with Gryphon Airlines, however, complimentary snacks and drinks may have been served on board - this could've included soft drinks and coffee.

Frequent Flyer Program

Gryphon Airlines didn't have a frequent flyer program. It only operated flights for passengers in military service from the United States, therefore, it didn't offer a loyalty program that some commercial airlines do.

Airline Alliances

The airline didn't belong to any airline alliance.


Gryphon Airlines operated its flights with the following aircraft in its fleet:

  • 1 x McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32
  • 1 x McDonnell Douglas MD-82
  • 2 x McDonnell Douglas MD-83

This information is correct as of March 2011 and is likely to be accurate as the airline ceased operations in 2012.

Hub Airport

Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport is an international airport situated 15 km south of Kuwait City. The airport is a primary hub for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways.

The airport is home to the Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base - a base that is used by the Kuwait Air Force and also previously used by the Italian Air Force. Up until 2019, it was also used by the US Air Force and coalition forces before it was replaced with Cargo City, a newly built ramp on the western side of the airport. Cargo City is currently operated by the 387th Air Expeditionary Group (a US Air Force unit).

In 2019, Kuwait International Airport served just over 15 million passengers and 115,000 commercial aircraft.