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Information on Flight Etiquette

Airplane aisle

What is Flight Etiquette?

Flight etiquette refers to the set of social norms and courteous behaviours that passengers are expected to follow when travelling on an aeroplane. These etiquettes are designed to create a calm and respectful environment for everyone on board, including fellow passengers and the airline crew.

Why is Flight Etiquette important?

Flight etiquette is important as it makes air travel more enjoyable for everyone. In the close quarters of an aeroplane, being considerate of others helps avoid unnecessary disruptions and conflicts. Simple acts like being polite, and patient, and following established norms contribute to a smoother and more pleasant journey for all passengers. By respecting shared spaces and cooperating with cabin crew instructions, we enhance safety and ensure a positive atmosphere on board.

Examples of Flight Etiquette

Before you board the aeroplane:

Security Screening

Once you've arrived at airport security it's courteous for you to be prepared and efficient by removing your shoes, belts, and items from your pockets. Follow the guidelines set by security staff and be patient in the security line.

Once Onboard:

Boarding Process

To adhere to flight etiquette, wait your turn during the boarding process. Respect boarding zones and priorities, allowing those who need extra time or assistance to board first. As airlines accommodate increasing numbers of passengers on each flight, the competition for the same overhead bin space increases. To optimise space for fellow travellers, consider positioning your bag vertically, allowing more room for additional items in the overhead compartment.

Seat Courtesy

During your flight, respect seat assignments and the personal space of others. Avoid reclining your seat abruptly, especially during meal services.

Noise Level

Keep noise levels to a minimum. Use headphones when listening to music or watching videos, and engage in conversations at a reasonable volume.

Flight Attendant Instructions

Follow instructions from the flight crew promptly and courteously. They are there to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. Passengers who cooperate with cabin crew instructions and maintain respect, help create a smoother operation during the flight.


Whilst in-flight, keep your space tidy, and dispose of rubbish in designated bins. Once deplaning, leave the seat area clean for the next passenger.

Electronic Devices

Use electronic devices in aeroplane mode during the flight. Turn off electronic devices during takeoff and landing as per airline regulations. Keep noise levels on your devices to a minimum, and use headphones where needed to avoid disruption amongst other passengers.


Once the aeroplane has landed, wait for your turn to deplane, and avoid rushing to the front. Be patient and mindful as you exit the aircraft.

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