Airports in Europe

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European Airports

With over 40 different countries, Europe has a wide variety of airports across its continent. Each country has a mix of international and national airports that are used to facilitate commercial flights from domestic and international carriers. Europe is home to some of the world's busiest airports, including London Heathrow, Frankfurt am Main and Paris Charles de Gaulle and has several other airports that connect the continent with the rest of the world.

This page lists all of the major and lesser-known airports in Europe from most of its countries.


Austria icon round blue border
Dornbirn HOH Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport
Graz GRZ Graz Airport
Innsbruck INN Innsbruck Airport
Klagenfurt KLU Klagenfurt Airport
Linz LNZ Linz Airport
Salzburg SZG Salzburg Airport
Vienna VIE Vienna International Airport


Azerbaijan icon round blue border
Baku GYD Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Ganja KVD Ganja International Airport
Lankaran LLK Lankaran International Airport
Nakhchivan NAJ Nakhchivan International Airport
Qabala GBB Qabala International Airport
Yevlakh YLV Yevlakh Airport
Zaqatala ZTU Zaqatala International Airport


Belarus icon round blue border
Brest BQT Brest Airport
Homiel GME Gomel Airport
Hrodna GNA Hrodna Airport
Minsk MSQ Minsk National Airport
Mahilyow MVQ Mogilev Airport
Vietbsk VTB Vietbsk Vostochy Airport


Belgium icon round blue border
Antwerp ANR Antwerp International Airport
Bruges/Ostend OST Osten–Bruges International Airport
Brussels BRU Brussels Airport
Charleroi CRL Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Kortrjik/Wevelgem KJK Flanders International Airport
Liège LGG Liège Airport
Zoersel/Oostmalle OBL Oostmalle Airfield

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina icon round blue border
Banja Luka BNX Banja Luka International Airport
Mostar OMO Mostar International Airport
Sarajevo SJJ Sarajevo International Airport
Tuzla TZL Tuzla International Airport


Bulgaria icon round blue border
Burgas/Sarafovo BOJ Burgas Airport
Gorna Oryahovitsa GOZ Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport
Plovdiv/Krumovo PDV Plovdiv Airport
Sofia SOF Sofia Airport
Varna/Aksakovo VAR Varna Airport


Croatia icon round blue border
Brač BWK Brač Airport
Dubrovnik DBV Dubrovnik Airport
Mali Lošinj LSZ Lošinj Airport
Osijek OSI Osijek Airport
Pula PUY Pula Airport
Rijeka RJK Rijeka Airport
Split SPU Split Airport
Zadar ZAD Zadar Airport
Zagreb ZAG Franjo Tudman Airport


Cyprus icon round blue border
Larnaca LCA Larnaca International Airport
Paphos PFO Paphos International Airport

Czech Republic

Czech Republic icon round blue border
Brno BRQ Brno–Turany Airport
Karlovy Vary KLV Karlovy Vary Airport
Ostrava OSR Ostrava Airport
Pardubice PED Pardubice Airport
Prague PRG Václav Havel Airport Prague


Denmark icon round blue border
Aalborg AAL Aaalborg Airport
Aarhus AAR Aarhus Airport
Billund BLL Billund Airport
Bornholm RNN Bornholm Airport
Copenhagen CPH Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagan/Roskilde RKE Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde
Esbjerg EBJ Esbjerg Airport
Karup KRP Karup Airport
Læsø CTM Læsø Airport
Lolland Falster/Maribo MRW Lolland Falster Airport
Odense ODE Hans Christian Andersen Airport
Sindal CNL Sindal Airport
Skjern/Ringkøbing STA Stauning Vestjylland Airport
Skive SQW Skive Airport
Sønderborg SGD Sønderborg Airport
Thisted/Hanstholm TED Thisted Airport
Vojens SKS Vojens Airport


Estonia icon round blue border
Kuressaare URE Kuressaare Airport
Kärdla/Hilessaare KDL Kärdla Airport
Pärnu/Eametsa EPU Pärnu Airport
Tallinn/Ülemiste TLL Tallinn Airport
Tartu/Reola TAY Tartu-Ülenurme Airport


Finland icon round blue border
Enontekiö ENF Enontekiö Airport
Helsinki/Vantaa HEL Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Ivalo IVL Ivalo airport
Joensuu/Liperi JOE Joensuu Airport
Jyväskylä/Tikkakoski JYV Jyväskylä Airport
Kajaani KAJ Kajaani Airport
Kemi/Tornio KEM Kemi-Tornio Airport
Kittilä KTT Kittilä Airport
Kokkola/Kronoby KOK Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
Kuopio/Sillinjärvi KUO Kuopio Airport
Kuusamo KAO Kuusamo Airport
Mariehamn/Jomala MHQ Mariehamn Airport
Oulu OUL Oulu Airport
Pori POR Pori Airport
Rovaniemi RVN Rovaniemi Airport
Savonlinna SVL Savonlinna Airport
Tampere/Pirkkala TMP Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
Turku TKU Turku Airport
Vaasa VAA Vaasa Airport
Cozumel CZM Cozumel International Airport
Cuernavaca CVJ General Mariano Matamoros Airport


France icon round blue border
Agen AGF Agen La Garenne Airport
Ajaccio AJA Ajaccio Napoleon Bonparte Airport
Alpe d'Huez AHZ Alpe d'Huez Airport
Amboise XAM Amboise - Dierre Airport
Angers ANE Angers – Loire Airport
Angoulême ANG Angoulême – Cognac International Airport
Annecyy NCY Annecy – Haute Savoie – Mont blanch Airport
Arachon XAC Arcahon – La Teste-de Buch Airport
Aurillac AUR Aurillac – Tronquières Airport
Avignon AVN Avignon – Provence Airport
Bar-le-Duc XBD Bar-le-Duch - Les Hauts-de-Chée Airport
Bastia XBV Bastia – Poretta Airport
Beaune XBV Beaune - Challanges Airport
Beauvais BVA Beauvais-Tillé Airport
Bergerac EGC Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport
Bernay XBX Bernay - Saint-Marting Airport
Béziers BZR Béziers Cap d'Agde Airport
Biarritz BIQ Biarritz Pays Basque Airport
Blois XBQ Blois - Le Breuil Airport
Bordeaux BOD Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport
Bourg-en-Bresse XBK Bourg-Ceyzériat Airport
Bourges BOU Bourges Airport
Brest BES Brest Bretagne Airport
Brive-la-Gaillarde BV Brive-Souillac Airport
Caen CFR Caen – Carpiquet Airport
Cahors ZAO Cahors - Lalbenque Airport
Calais CQF Calais–Dunkerque Airport
Calvi CLY Calvi – Sainte-Catherine Airport
Cannes CEQ Cannes – Mandeliu Airport
Carassonne CCF Carcassone Airport
Castres DCM Castres–Mazamet Airport
Chalon-sur-Saône XCD Chalon – Champforgeuil Airport
Châlons-en-Champagne XCR Châlons Vatry Airport
Châteauroux CHR Châteauroux-Centre "Marcel Dassault" Airport
Cherboug-Octeville CER Cherboug-Octeville
Clermont-Ferrand CFE Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
Colmar CMR Colmar Airport
Courchevel CVF Courchevel Altiport
Deauville DOL Deauville – Normandie Airport
Dinard DNR Dinard–Pleurtuit–Saint-Malo Airport
Dole DLE Dole–Jura Airport
Dunkirk XDK Dunkerque – Les Moëres Airport
Épinal EPL Épinal – Mirecourt Airport
Figari FSC Figari–Sud Corse Airport
Gap GAT Gap-Tallard Airport
Grenoble GNB Alpes-Isère Airport
Île d'Yeu IDY Île d'Yeu Aerodrome
La Rochelle LRH La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport
Lannion LAI Lannion – Côte de Granit Airport
Le Havre LEH Le Havre – Octeville Airport
Le Puy-en-Velay/Loudes LPY Le Puy – Loudes Airport
Le Touquet LTQ Le Touquet – Côte 'Opale Airport
Lille LIL Lille Airport
Limoges XLG Lognes – Émerainville Aerodrome
Lorient LRT Lorient South Brittany Airport
Lyon/Bron LYN Lyon-Bron Airport
Lyon/Colombier-Saugnieu LYS Lyon–Saint-Exupéry
Marseille MRS Marseille Provence Airport
Megève MVV Megève aLTIPORT
Merville HZB Merville–Calonne Airport
Metz ETZ Metz–Nancy–Lorraine Airport
Montluçon MCU Montluçon – Guéret Airport
Montpellier MPL Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport
Morlaix/Ploujean MXN Morlaix – Ploujean Airport
Moulins/Montbeugny XMU Moulins – Montbeugny Airport
Mulhouse MLH EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
Nancy/Essey ENC Nancy-Essey Airport
Nantes NTE Nantes Atlantique Airport
Nice NCE Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
Nîmes FNI Nîmes–Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport
Paris CDG Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris LBG Paris-Le Bourget Airport
Paris ORY Orly Airport
Pau PUF Pau Pyrénées Airport
Périgueux PGX Périgueux Bassillac Airport
Perpignan PGF Perpignan–Rivesaltes Airport
Persan XYP Persan-Beaumont Airport
Poitiers PIS Poitiers–Biard Airport
Quimper UIP Quimper–Cornouaille Airport
Rennes RNS Renne–Saint-Jacques Airport
Roez RDZ Rodez–Aveyron Airport
Saint-Brieuc SBK Saint-Brieuc – Armor Airport
Saint-Étienne EBU Saint-Étienne–Bouthéon Airport
Saint-Nazaire SNR Saint-Nazaire Montoir Airport
Saint-Tropez LTT La Môle – Saint-Tropez Airport
Saint-Yan SYT Saint-Yan Airport
Strasbourg SXB Strasbourg Airport
Tarbes LDE Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport
Toulon TLN Toulon–Hyères Airport
Toulouse TLS Toulouse–Blagnac Airport
Tours TUF Tour Val de Loire Airport
Toussus-le-Noble TNF Toussus-le-Noble Airport
Troyes QYR Troyes-Barberey Airport
Valence VAF Valence-Chabeuil Airport
Valenciennes/Denain XVS Valenciennes-Denain Airport
Vannes VNE Meucon Airport
Verdun XVN Verdun-Le-Rozelier Airport
Vichy VHY Vichy — Charmeil Airport
Villefranche-sur-Saône/Tarare XVF Villefrance – Tarare Airport


Georgia icon round blue border
Batumi BUS Batumi International Airport
Kutaisi KUT Kutaisi Internatonal Airport
Tbilisi TBS Tbilisi International Airport
Sokhumi SUI Sokhumi Airport


Germany icon round blue border
Aachen AAH Merzbrùck Airport
Altenburg AOC Leipzig-Altenburg Airport
Augsburg AGB Augsburg Airport
Baden-Baden/Karisruhe FKB Karlruhe/Baden-Baden Airport
Berlin BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Berlin SXF Berlin Schönefeld Airport
Berlin TXL Berlin Tegel Airport
Bindlach/Bayreuth BYU Bindlacher Berg Airport
Bitburg BBJ Bitburg Airport
Borkum BMK Borkum Airfield
Braunschweig BWE Braunschweig-Wolfsbug Airport
Bremen Airport BRE Bremen Airport
Cologne/Bonn CGN Cologne Bonn Airport
Cuxhaven/Nordholz FCN Sea-Airport Cuxhaven/Hordholz
Dortmund DTM Dortmund Airport
Dresden DRS Dresden Airport
Düsseldorf DUS Düsseldorf Airport
Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach MGL Düsseldorf Mönchengladbach Airport
Emden EME Emden Airport
Erfurt ERF Erfurt-Weimar Airport
Frankfurt am Main FRA Frankfurt Airport
Friedrichshafen FDH Friedrichshafen Airport
Hahn HHN Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
Hamburg HAM Hamburg Airport
Hamburg/Finkenwerder XFW Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport
Hannover HAJ Hannover Airport
Heide HEI Heide-Büsum Airport
Heligoland/Düne HGL Heligoland Airport
Heringsdorf HDF Heringsdorf Airport
Hof HOQ Hof-Plauen Airport
Ingolstadt IGS Ingolstadt Manching Airport
Kassel KSF Kassel Airport
Kiel KEL Kiel Airport
Lahr LHA Flughafen Lahr
Leipzig LEJ Leipzig/Halle Airport
Lübeck LBC Lübeck Airport
Magdeburg CSO Megdeburg-Cochstedt Airport
Mannheim MHG Mannheim City Airport
Memmingen FMM Memmingen Airport
Munich MUC Munich Airport
Münster FMO Münster Osnabrück International Airport
Neubrandenburg FNB Neubrandenburg Airport
Nuremberg NUE Nuremberg Airport
Paderborn/Lippstadt PAD Paderborn Lippstadt Airport
Rostock RLG Rostock-Laage Airport
Saarbrücken SCN Saarbrücken Airport
Siegen SGE Siegerland Airport
Stuttgart STR Stuttgart Airport
Weeze NRN Weeze Airport
Westerland GWT Sylt Airport


Greece icon round blue border
Alexandroupoli AXD Alexandroupolis International Airport
Astypalaia JTY Astypalaia Island National Airport
Athens/Spata ATH Athens International Airport
Chania CHQ Crete Chania International Airport
Chios JKH Chios Island National Airport
Corfu CFU Corfu Island International Airport
Heraklion HER Heraklion International Airport
Ikaria JIK Ikaria Island National Airport
Ioannina IOA Ioannina National Airport
Kalamata KLX Kalamata International Airport
Kalymnos JKL Kalymnos Island National Airport
Karpathos AOK Karpathos Island National Airport
Kasos KSJ Kassos Island Public Airport
Kastelorizo KZS Kastelorizo Island Public Airport
Kastoria KSO Kastoria National Airport
Kavala KVA Kavala International Airport
Kefalonia EFL Kefalonia Island International airport
Kithria KIT Kithiria Island National Airport
Kos KGS Kos Island International Airport
Kozani KZI Kozani National Airport
Lemnos LXS Lemnos Island International Airport
Leros LRS Leros Island Public Airport
Milos MLO Milos Island National Airport
Mykonos JMK Mykonos Island National Airport
Mytilene MJT Mytilene Island International Airport
Naxos JNX Naxos Island National Airport
Paros PAS Paros Island National Airport
Patras/Araxos GPA Araxos National Airport
Preveza PVK Aktion National airport
Rhodes RHO Rhodes Island International Airport
Samos SMI Samos Island International Airport
Santorini JTR Santorini Island National Airport
Sitia JSH Sitia Public Airport
Skiathos JSI Skiathos Island National Airport
Skyros SKU Skyros Island National Airport
Syros JSY South Aegean
Thessaloniki/Mikra SKG Thessaloniki International Airport
Volos/ Nea Anchialos VOL Nea Anchialos National Airport
Zakynthos ZTH Zakynthos Island International Airport


Iceland icon round blue border
Akureyri AEY Akureyri Airport
Bíldudualur BIU Bíldudalur Airport
Eglisstaoir EGS Eglisstaoir Airport
Gjögur GJR Gjögur Airport
Grimsey GRY Grímsey Airport
Höfn HFN Hornafjörour Airport
Húsavík HZK Húsavík Airport
ísafjörour IFJ ísafjörour Airport
Keflavík KEF Keflavík International Airport
Reykjavík RKV Reykajavík Airport
Sauoárkrókur SAK Sauoárkókur Airport
Pórshöfn THO Pórshôfn Airport
Vestmannaeyjar VEY Vestmannaeyjar Airport
Vopnafjörour VPN Vopnafjörour Airport

Republic of Ireland

Ireland icon round blue border
Cork ORK Cork Airport
Donegal/Dungloe CFN Donegal Airport
Dublin Airport DUB Dublin Airport
Dublin/Leixlip WST Weston Airport
Galway/Carnmore GWY Galway Airport
Tralee & Killarney/Farranfore KIR Kerry Airport
Knock/Charlestown NOC Ireland West Airport Knock
Shannon SNN Shannon Airport
Silgo/Strandhill SXL Silgo Airport
Waterford WAT Waterford Airport


Italy icon round blue border
Albenga ALL Villanova d'Albenga 'Clemente Panero' Airport
Alghero AHO Alghero-Fertilla 'Riviera del Corallo' Airport
Ancona AOI Ancona-Falconara 'Raffaello Sanzio' Airport
Aosta AOT Aosta 'Corrado Gex' Airport
Bari BRI Bari-Palese 'Karol Wojtyla' Airport
Bergamo BGY Bergamo-Orio al Serio 'Il Caravaggio' Airport
Bologna BLQ Bologna-Borgo Panigale 'Guglielmo Marconi' Airport
Bolzano BZO Bolzano-Dolomiti 'Francesco Baracca' Airport
Brescia VBS Brescia-Montichiari 'Gabriele D'Annunzio' Airport
Brindisi/Salento BDS Brindisi-Casale 'Orazio Pierozzi' Airport
Cagilari CAG Cagilari-Elmas 'Mario Mameli' Airport
Catania CTA Catania-Fontanarossa 'Vincenzco Bellini' Airport
Comiso CIY Comiso 'Vincenzo Magliocco' Airport
Crotone CRV Crotone 'Sant'Anna' Airport
Cuneo CUF Cuneo-Levaldigi 'Turin Olympics' Airport
Florence FLR Florence-Peretola 'Amerigo Vespucci' Airport
Foggia FOG Foggia 'Gino Lisa' Airport
Forlì FRL Forlì 'Luigi Ridolfi' Airport
Genoa GOA Genoa 'Cristoforo Colombo' Airport
Frosseto GRS Aeroporto Maremma 'Corrado Baccarini' Airport
Lamezia Treme SUF Lameia Terme Airport
Lampedusa LMP Lampedusa Airport
Marina di Campo EBA Marina di Campo 'Teseo Tesei' Airport
Milan MXP Milan-Malpensa Airport
Milan LIN Mlian-Linate 'Enrico Forlanini' Airport
Naples NAP Naples-Capodichino 'Ugo Niutta' Airport
Olbia OLB Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport
Palermo PMO Palermo-Punta Raisi 'Falcone & Borsellino' Airport
Pantelleria PNL Pantelleria Airport
Parma PMF Parma Airport
Perguia PEG Perugia-Sant Airport
Pescara PSR Abruzzo Airport
Pisa PSA Pisa-San Giusto Airport
Reggio Calabria REG Reggio Calabria Airport
Rimini RMI Rimini Miramare Airport
Rome FCO Rome-Flumicino Airport
Rome CIA Rome Ciampino Airport
Ronchi TRS Fruli Venezia Giulia Airport
Salerno QSR Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport
Tortolì TTB Tortolì-Arbatax Airport
Trapan TPS Trapani-Birgi Airport
Treviso TSF Treviso-Sant Airport
Turin TRN Turin-Caselle Airport
Venice VCE Venice Marco Polo Airport
Vicenza VIC Vicenza Airport


Kazakhstan icon round blue border
Aktau SCO Aktau airport
Aktobe AKX Aktobe airport
Almaty ALA Almaty International Airport
Atyrau GUW Atyrau Airport
Balkhash BXH Balkhash Airport
Karaganda KGF Sary-Arka Airport
Kokshetau KOV Kokshetau Airport
Kostanay KSN Kostanay Airport
Kyzylorda KZO Kyzylorda Airport
Nur-Sultan TSE Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport
Oral URA Oral Ak Zhol Airport
Oskemen UKK Oskemen Airport
Pavlodar PWQ Pavlodar Airport
Petropavl PPK Petropavl Airport
Semey PLX Semey Airport
Shymkent CIT Shymkent International Airport
Taraz DMB Taraz Airport
Zhezkazgan DZN Zhekazgan Airport


Latvia icon round blue border
Liepāja LPX Liepāja International Airport
Riga RIX Riga International Airport


Lithuania icon round blue border
Kaunas KUN Kaunas International Airport
Palanga PLQ Palanga International Airport
Šiauliai SQQ Šiauliai International Airport
Vilinius VNO Vilinius International Airport


Moldova icon round blue border
Chisinãu KIV Chisinãu International Airport


Montenegro icon round blue border
Podgorica TGD Podgorica Airport
Tivat TIV Tivat Airport


Netherlands icon round blue border
Amsterdam AMS Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Bonaire BON Flamingo International Airport
Eindhoven EIN Eindhoven Airport
Groningen GRO Groningen Airport Eelde
Maastricht MST Masstricht Aachen Airport
Rotterdam RTM Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Saba SAB Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport
Sint Eustatius EUX F.D Roosevelt Airport

North Macedonia

North Macedonia icon round blue border
Ohrid OHD Ohrid Airport
Skopje SKP Skopje International Airport


Norway icon round blue border
Ålesund AES Ålesund Airport
Alta ALF Alta Airport
Andøya ANX Andøya Airport
Bardufoss BDU Bardufoss Airport
Båtsfjord BJF Båtsfjord
Bergen BGO Bergen Airport
Berlevåg BVG Berlevåg Airport
Bodø BOO Bodø Airport
Brønnøysund BNN Brønnøysund Airport
Florø FRO Florø Airport
Førde FDE Førde Airport
Hammerfest HFT Hammerfest Airport
Harstad/Narvik EVE Harstad/Narvik Airport
Hasvik HAA Hasvik Airport
Haugesund HAU Haugesund Aiport
Honningsvåg HVG Honningsvåg Airport
Kirkenes KKN Kirkenes Airport
Kristiansand KRS Kristiansand Airport
Kristiansund KSU Kristiansun Airport
Lakselv LKL Lakselv Airport
Leknes LKN Leknes Airport
Mehamn MEH Mehamn Airport
Mo i Rana MQN Mo i Rana Airport
Molde MOL Molde Airport
Mosjøen MJF Mosjøen
Namsos OSY Namsos Airport
Notodden NTB Notodden Airport
Orland, Brekstad OLA Ørland Airport
Ørsta/Volda HOV Ørsta–Volda Airport
Oslo OSL Oslo Airport
Røros RRS Roøros Airport
Rørvik RVK Rørvik Airport
Røst RET Røst Airport
Sandane SDN Sandane Airport
Sandefjord SDN Sandejford Airport
Sandnessjøen SSJ Sandnessjøen Airport
Sogndal SOG Sogndal Airport
Sørkjosen SOJ Sørkjosen Airport
Stavanger SVG Stavanger Airport
Stokmarknes SKN Stokmarknes Airport
Svolvaer SVJ Svolvaer Airport
Tromsø Airport TOS Tromsø Airport
Trondheim TRD Trondheim Airport
Vadsø VDS Vadsø Airport
Vardø VAQ Vardo Airport


Poland icon round blue border
Bydgoszcz BZG Bydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Padrewski Airport
Gdańsk GDN Gdañsk Lech Walęsa Airport
Katowice KTW Katowice Airport
Kraków KRK Jon Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice
Łódź LCJ Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport
Lublin LUZ Lublin Airport
Olsztyn SZY Olsztyn-Mazury Airport
Poznań POZ Poznań–Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport
Radom RDO Radom Airport
Rzeszów RZE Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport
Szczecin SZZ Solidarity Szczecin–Goleniów Airport
Warsaw WAW Warsaw Chopin Airport
Warsaw WMI Warsaw Modlin Airport
Wrocław WRO Wrocław-Copernicus Airport
Zielona Góra IEG Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport


Portugal icon round blue border
Beja BYJ Beja Airport
Braga BGZ Braga Airport
Bragança BGC Bragança Airport
Cascais LCT Lisbon-Cascai Regional airport
Chaves CHV Chaves Airport
Coimbra CBP Coimbra Airport
Faro FAO Faro Airport
Lisbon LIS Lisbon Airport
Portimão PRM Portimão Airport
Porto OPO Francisco Sá Carniero Airport
Vila Real VRL Vila Real Airport
Viseu VSE Viseu Airport


Romania icon round blue border
Bacau BCM Bacau International Airport
Baia Mare BAY Baia Mare Airport
Bucharest OTP Bucharest International Airport
Cluj-Napoca CLJ Cluj International Airport
Constanta CND Constanta International Airport
Craiova CRA Craiova Airport
Iasi IAS Iasi International Airport
Oradea OMR Oradea International Airport
Satu Mare SUJ Satu Mare International Airport
Sibiu SBZ Sibiu International Airport
Suceava SCV Suceava International Airport
Târgu Mures TGM Targu Mures Airport
Timisoara TSR Timisoara International Airport
Tulcea TCE Tulcea Airport


Russia icon round blue border
Abakan ABA Abakan Airport
Anadyr DYR Ugolny Airport
Anapa AAQ Vityazevo Airport
Arkhangelsk ARH Talagi Airport
Astrakhan ASF Astrakhan Airport
Barnaul BAX Barnaul Airport
Baykit BAX Baykit Airport
Belgorod EGO Belgorod Airport
Blagoveschensk BQS Ignatyevo Airport
Bratask BTK Bratsk Airport
Briansk BZK Bryansk Airport
Cheboksary CSY Cheboksary Airport
Chelyabinsk CEK Balandino Airport
Chita HTA Kadala Airport
Ekaterinburg SVX Koltsovo International Airport
Irkutsk IKT Irkutsk International Airport
Izhevsk IJK Izhevsk Airport
Kaliningrad KGD Khrabovo Airport
Kazan KZN Kazan International Airport
Kemerovo KEJ Kemerovo Airport
Khabarovsk KHV Novy Airport
Khanty Mansiysk HMA Khanty-Nansiysk
Kirov KVX Kirov Airport
Kogalym KGP Kogalym Airport
Komsomolsk Na Amure KXK Komsomolsk Na Amure Airport
Kotlas KSZ Kotlas Airport
Krasnodar KRR Pashkovsky Airport
Krasnoyarsk KJA Krasnojarsk Airport
Kurgan KRO Kurgan Airport
Kursk URS Kursk Airport
Kyzyl KYZ Kyzyl Airport
Leshukonskoye LDG Leshukonskoye Airport
Magadan GDX Sokol Airport
Magnitogorsk MQF Magnitogorsk Airport
Makhachkala MCX Uytash Airport
Mineralnye Vody MRV Mineralnye Vody Airport
Mirnyj MJZ Mirny Airport
Moscow SVO Sheremetyevo International Airport
Moscow DME Domodedovo International Airport
Moscow VKO Vnukovo Airport
Moscow BKA Bykovo Airport
Murmansk MMK Murmansk Airport
Nadym NYM Nadym Airport
Naryan Mar NYM Nadym Airport
Neryungri NER Neryungri Airport
Nizhnevartovsk NJC Nizhnevartovsk Airport
Nizhiny Novgorod GOJ Strigino Airport
Nojabrsk NOJ Noyabrsk Airport
Norilsk NSK Alykel Airport
Novokuznetsk NOZ Novokuznetsk Airport
Novosibirsk OVB Tolmachevo Airport
Novy Urengoy NUX Novy Urengoy Airport
Okhotsk OHO Okhotsk Airport
Omsk OMS Tsentralny Airport
Orsk OSW Orsk Airport
Penza PEZ Penza Airport
Perm PEE Bolshoye Savin Airport
Petropavlovsk PKC Yelizovo Airport
Rostov ROV Rostov na Donu Airport
Ryazan RZN Dyagilevo Airport
Salekhard SLY Salekhard North Airport
Samara KUF Kurumoch Airport
Saransk SKX Saransk Airport
Saratov RTW Tsentralny Airport
Smolensk LNX Smolensk Airport
Sochi AER Adler Sochi International Airport
Solovetsky CSH Solovetsky Airport
St Petersburg LED Pulkovo Airport
Surgut SGC Surgut Airport
Syktyvkar SCW Syktyvkar Airport
Tomsk TOF Bagashevo Airport
Tyumen TJM Roschino Airport
Ufa UFA Ufa Airport
Ukhta UCT Ukhta Airport
Ulan Ude UUD Mukhino Airport
Ulyanovsk ULY Vostochny Airport
Uraj URJ Uray Airport
Usinsk USK Usinsk Airport
Vladikavkaz OGZ Beslan Airport
Vladivostok VVO Vladivostok International Airport
Volgograd VOG Gumrak Airport
Vologda VGD Vologda Airport
Voronezh VOZ Chertovitskoye Airport
Yakutsk YKS Yakutsk International Airport
Yuzhno Sakhalinsk UUS Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport


Serbia icon round blue border
Belgrade BEG Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Niš INI Niš Constantine the Great Airport


Slovakia icon round blue border
Bratislava BTS M.R. Štefánik Airport
Košice KSC Košice International Airport
Poprad TAT Poprad-Tatry Airport


Slovenia icon round blue border
Ljublijana LJU Ljublijana Jože Pučnik Airport


Spain icon round blue border
A Coruña LCG A Coruña Airport
Albacete ABC Albacete airport
Alicante ALC Alicante-Elche Airport
Almería LEI Almerïa airport
Asturias OVD Asturias Airport
Badajoz BJZ Badajoz Airport
Barcelona BCN Barcelona–El Prat Airport
Bilbao BIO Bilbao Airport
Burgos RGS Burgos Airport
Córdoba ODB Córdoba Airport
Castellón CDT Castellón
Girona GRO Girona–Costa Brava Airport
Granada GRX Federico Garcïa Lorca Airport
Huesca HSK Huesca-Pirineos Airport
Jerez de la Frontera XRY Jerez Airport
La Seu d'Urgell LEU Andorra–La Seu d'Urgell Airport
León LEN León Airport
Lleida ILD Lleida-Alguaire Airport
Logroño RJL Logroño-Agoncillo airport
Madrid MAD Madrid-Barajas Airport
Madrid MAD Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport
Madrid TOJ Madrid-Torrejón Airport
Málaga AGP Málaga airport
Pamplona PNA Pamplona-Nóain Airport
Region of Murcia RMU Región de Murcia International Airport
Reus REU Reus Airport
Salamanca SLM Salamanca Airport
San Sebastián EAS San Sebastián Airport
Santander SDR Santander Airport
Santiago de Compostela SCQ Santiago de Compostela Airport
Seville SVQ Seville Airport
Teruel TEV Teruel airport
Valencia VLC Valencia Airport
Valladolid VLL Valladolid Airport
Vigo VGO Vigo-Peinador Airport
Vitoria-Gasteiz VIT Vitoria Airport
Zaragoza ZAZ Zaragoza Airport


Sweden icon round blue border
Arvidsjaur AJR Arvidsjaur Airport
Borlänge BLE Borlänge Airport
Gothenburg GOT Göteborg Landvetter Airport
Gällvare GEV Gällvare Airport
Hagfors HFS Hagfors Airport
Halmstad HAD Halmstad City Airport
Hemavan HMV Hemavan Airport
Jönköping JKG Jönköping Airport
Kalmar KLR Kalmar Airport
Karistad KSD Karistad Airport
Kiruna KRN Kiruna Airport
Kramfors KRF Höga Kusten Airport
Kristianstad KID Kristianstad Airport
Linköping LPI Linköping/Saab Airport
Luleå LLA Luleå Airport
Lyscksele LYC Lycksele Airport
Malmö MMX Malmö Airport
Mora MXX Mora–Siljan Airport
Norrköping NRK Norrköping Airport
Pajala PJA Pajala Airport
Ronneby RNB Ronneby Airport
Skellefteå SFT Skellefteå Airport
Stockholm NYO Stockholm–Skavsta Airport
Stockholm VST Stockholm–Västerås Airport
Stockholm ARN Stockholm–Arlanda Airport
Stockholm BMA Stockholm–Bromma Airport
Sundsvall SDL Sundsvall–Timrå Airport
Sveg EVG Sveg Airport
Torsby TYF Torsby Airport
Trollhättan THN Trollhättan–Vänersborg Airport
Umeå UME Umeå Airport
Vilhelmina VHM Vilhelmina Airport
Visby VBY Visby Airport
Växjö VXO Växjö/Kronoberg Arport
Ängelholm/Helsinborg AGH Ängelholm–Helsinborg Airport
Örebro ORB Örebro Airport
Örnsköldsvik OER Örnsköldsvik Airport
Östersund OSD Åre Östersund Airport


Switzerland icon round blue border
Basel BSL EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
Bern BRN Bern Airport
Geneva GVA Geneva Airport
Lugano/Agno LUG Lugano Airport
Sion SIR Sion Airport
St. Gallen ACH St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport
Zürich ZRH Zürich Airport


Turkey icon round blue border
Adana ADA Adana Airport
Adiyaman ADF Adiyaman Airport
Agri AJI Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport
Amasya MZH Amasya Merzifon Airport
Ankara ESB Ankara Esenboga Airport
Antalya AYT Antalya Airport
Balikesir EDO Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport
Batman BAL Batman Airport
Bingöl BGG Bingöl Airport
Bursa YEI Bursa Yenishir Airport
Canakkale CKZ Canakkale Airport
Denizli DNZ Denizli Çardak Airport
Diyarbakir DIY Diyarbakir Airport
Elazig EZS Elazig Airport
Erzincan ERC Erzincan airport
Erzurum ERZ Ezurum Airport
Eskisehir AOE Eskisehir Hasan Polaktan Airport
Gaziantep GZT Gaziantep Airport
Hakkari YKO Hakkari–Yüsekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport
Hatay HTY Hatay Airport
Igdir IGD Igdir Airport
Isparta ISE Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport
Istanbul ISL Istanbul Atatürk Airport
Istanbul IST Istanbul New Airport
Istanbul SAW Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport
Ìzmir ADB Ìzmir Adnan Menderes Airport
Kahramanmaras KCM Kahramanmaras Airport
Kars KSY Kars Harakani Airport
Kastamonu KFS Kastamonu Airport
Kayseri ASR Kayseri Airport
Kocaeli KCO Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport
Konya Airport KYA Konya Airport
Kütahya KZR Zafer Airport
Malatya MLX Malatya airport
Mardin MQM Mardin Airport
Mugla BXN Bodrum-Imsik Airport
Mugla DLM Dalaman Airport
Mugla BJV Milas-Bodrum Airport
Mus MSR Mus Airport
Nevsehir NAV Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport
Ordu OGU Ordu Giresun Airport
Samsun SZF Samsun-Carsamba Airport
Sanliurfa GNY Sanlifurfa GAP Airport
Siirt SXZ Siirt Airport
Sinop NOP Sinop Airport
Sivas VAS Sivas Nuri Demirag airport
sirnak NKT Sirnak Serafettin Elçi Airport
Tekirdag TEQ Tekirdag Çorlu Airport
Tokat TJK Tokat Airport
Van VAN Van Ferit Melen Airport
Zongulak ONQ Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport


Ukraine icon round blue border
Chernivtsi CWC Chernivtsi InternationaL Airport
Dnipro DNK Dnipropetrovsk International Airport
Ivano-Frankivsk IFO Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport
Kharkiv HRK Kharkiv International Airport
Kherson KHE Kherson International Airport
Kiev KBP Boryspil International Airport
Kiev IEV Kiev (Zhuliany) International Airport
Kryvyi Rih KWG Kryvyi Rih international Airport
Lviv LWO Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport
Odessa ODS Odessa International Airport
Rivne RWN Rivne International Airport
Vinnytsia VIN Vinnytsia Airport
Zaporizhia OZH Zaporizhia International Airport

United Kingdom

UK icon round blue border

Carlisle CAX Carlisle Lake District Airport
Castle Donington EMA East Midlands Airport
Clyst Honiton EXT Exeter Airport
Crawley LGW Gatwick Airport
Darlington MME Durham Tees Valley Airport
Finningley DSA Doncaster Sheffield Airport
Hillingdon LHR London Heathrow Airport
Hurn BOH Bournemouth Airport
Kirmington HUY Humberside Airport
Leeds LBA Leeds Bradford International Airport
Liverpool LPL Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Lulsgate BRS Bristol Airport
Luton LTN Luton Airport
Mawgan in Pydar NQY Newquay Airport
Newham LCY London City Airport
Norwich NWI Norwich Airport
Ringway MAN Manchester Airport
Solihull BHX Birmingham Airport
Southampton SOU Southampton Airport
Southend SEN London Southen Airport
St Just LEQ Land's End Airport
St Mary's ISC St Mary's Airport
Stansted Mountfitchet STN Stansted Airport
Woolsington NCL Newcastle Airport

Aldergrove BFS Belfast International Airport
Belfast BHD George Best Belfast City Airport
Eglinton LDY City of Derry Airport

Aberdeen ABZ Aberdeen International Airport
Ardchattan and Muckarin OBN Oban Airport
Benbecula BEB Benbecula Airport
Barra BRR Barra Airport
Campbeltown CAL Campbeltown Airport
Coll COL Coll Airport
Colonsay and Oronsay CSA CSA
Dalcross INV Inverness Airport
Dundee DND Dundee Airport
Dunrossness LSI Sumburgh Airport
Eday EOI Eday Airport
Edinburgh EDI Edinburgh Airport
Fair Isle FIE Fair Isle Airport
Islay ILY Islay Aiport
Mainland, Orkney KOI Kirkwall Airport
North Ronaldsay NRL North Ronaldsay Airport
Paisley GLA Glasgow International Airport
Papa Stour PSV Papa Stour Airport
Papa Westray PPW Papa Westray Airport
Prestwick PIK Glasgow Prestwick Airport
Sanday NDY Sanday Airport
Stornoway SYY Stornoway Airport
Stronsay SOY Stronsay Airport
Tingwall LWK Tingwall Airport
Tiree TRE Tiree Airport
Westray WRY Westray Airport
Wick WIC Wick Airport

Llanfair yn Neubwll VLY Anglesey Airport
Rhoose CWL Cardiff Airport