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Buy flights with eDahab

Search for flights from over 600 airlines and pay with eDahab at checkout. Discover all the flights you can buy with Alternative Airlines using eDahab.

eDahab Flights

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eDahab is a online money transferring company in East Africa. It is the largest Africa money transfer business, operating 126 countries in the global and 40 within Africa. It is a very customer-focusd, trusted, reliable and complete fund transferring company.

Which countries can I use eDahab in?

eDahab is only currently available in Ethiopia, paying with Ethiopian Birr (ETB). We are actively looking to make this more widely available!

How do I pay for flights with eDahab?

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    Start your flight search by entering the desired departure and arrival airport, number of passengers, cabin class and travelling dates.

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    Enter the passenger and required details and select eDahab as the payment method.

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    Once you have selected your flight and eDahab, you will be redirected to the payment details page.

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    Select eDahab and enter payment account details in order to proceed payment.

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    When payment is confirmed, you will return to Alternative Airlines' confirmation page. We will then send you your e-ticket as soon as possible.

Why use eDahab to buy flights?

It's safe

eDahab uses 2nd factor authentication to make sure the transaction is safe.

It's convenient

You can transfer money anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. It is available on any devices.

It's fast

Transactions will be done within minutes and we will send you your e-ticket and confirmation as soon as possible.

About eDahab

eDahab allows customers to transfer money to different entities. Customers can purchase goods from a shop, pay your bills, send money to your friends and families, check your balance, etc. The transfer service provides a guaranteed quick, easy and secure transacting solution.

Buy flights using eDahab

Start buying your next flight using our search form at Alternative Airlines and pay using eDahab. We even provide you with when is the best time to fly with our best fare finder.


Can I buy flights with eDahab online?

Yes! You can book your flight with us online and choose eDahab as the payment method to get your ticket.

Which currencies are available with eDahab?

We are currently offering Ethiopian Birr (ETB) on our website using eDahab. We hope to offer you with more currencies soon!

Which devices can I use eDahab to buy flights on?

You can search and buy flights with Alternative Airlines with any device that has internet access. However, you may need the DahabPlus mobile app to complete transactions. Once this is completed, we will send you a confirmation shortly.