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Cheap Domestic Flights in Nicaragua

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Book Cheap Domestic Flights in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. The country is the world's 96th largest country and has an extensive nationwide road network. However, there are still domestic flights available for you to travel on. To find out more on where you can fly to and with which airlines continue reading below.

Use our simple flight search tool at the top of the page to book your next Nicaraguan domestic flight today! We even accept Nicaraguan Cordoba.

Domestic Nicaraguan Airlines

La Costeña

La Costena Logo

Aerotaxis La Costeña S.A., operating as La Costeñais the only domestic airline in Nicaragua and the only airline to offer domestic services within the country. The airline operates to numerous destinations within Nicaragua with two hub airports at Managua's Augusto C. Sandino International Airport and Bluefields Airport. La Costeñaoperates a fleet of ATR42-320 and Cessna 208B Grand Caravan aircraft on its domestic services. La Costeña doesn't operate any international services and only offers domestic flights.

Domestic destinations:Bluefields, Bonanza, Bilwi, Corn Islands, Managua, Montelimar, Puerto Cabezas, Siuna, San Juan de Nicaragua, San Carlos, Ometepe, Tegucigalpa and Waspam

Domestic and International Airports in Nicaragua

See below a list of international and domestic only airports with their destinations across the country and which airlines operate to.

International Airports

Managua Augusto C. Sandino International Airport Aeroméxico Connect, American Airlines, Avianca El Salvador, Copa Airlines, La Costeña, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines Bluefields, Bonanza, Puerto Cabezas and Siuna
Bluefields Bluefields International Airport La Costeña and Nature Air Great Corn Island, Managua and Bilwi
Tola Emerald Coast Airport Sansa Airlines No Domestic Services

Domestic Only Airports

Puerto Cabezas Puerto Cabezas Airport La Costeña Bluefields and Managua
Corn Island Corn Island International Airport La Costeña Bluefields, Managua and Bilwi
Copenhagen San Carlos Airport La Costeña Managua, Ometepe and San Juan de Nicaragua
Bonanza San Pedro Airport La Costeña Managua
Rosita Rosita Airport La Costeña Managua and Puerto Cabezas
San Juan de Nicaragua San Juan de Nicaragua Airport La Costeña Managua, Ometepe and San Carlos
Siuna Siuna Airport La Costeña Managua
Waspam Waspam Airport La Costeña Managua

Domestic Nicaraguan Flights

Which airlines offer domestic Nicaraguan services?

There is only 1 airline in Nicaragua, which is also the sole operator of domestic services in the country. If looking for domestic Nicaraguan flights then you will travel with La Costeña.

How do I book a domestic flight in Nicaragua?

To find domestic flights in Nicaragua then use our simple flight search tool at the top of the page. Tell us where you would like to travel to and from where you plan on departing from. Set your dates, travel classes and passengers then run a search. Now all of the available flight options will be displayed, easily find the flights best suited to your plans with our helpful filters. Filter the search results by price, airline, time and more!

How can I pay for domestic Nicaraguan flights?

It has never been easier to pay for your next domestic Nicaraguan flight with Alternative Airlines. We accept over 160 different currencies including the Nicaraguan Cordoba, meaning you can often pay in your local currency. We take payment flexibility that bit further by also supporting over 40 different payment methods including credit and debit options Visa, Diners Club, American Express and more. Or use one of our Crypto, virtual wallet or 'Buy Now, Pay Later' options.

What is a domestic flight?

Domestic flights are services that depart and arrive within the same country or territory.

When should I arrive for a domestic flight?

La Costeña states that for all flights operated by them, passengers should arrive at the airport to check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure.