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Walla Walla, Washington is a city located in the southeastern region of the state, about a four-hour drive from both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. While its population is around 34,000, it offers big surprises for visitors. Walla Walla is best known for its wineries. With over 130 wineries in the area, Walla Walla Valley has become one of the premier wine destinations in the country. Visitors can enjoy tastings, tours, and beautiful scenery. But Walla Walla is more than just wine. The downtown area is full of charming shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Several museums tell the story of the area's history, including the Whitman Mission National Historical Site.

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Airports near Walla Walla

Planning a trip to Walla Walla? Enjoy flexibility with our selection of 4 airports, which offer different routes and options when travelling to Walla Walla.

Tri-Cities Airport

Located approximately 50 miles southwest of Walla Walla, Tri-Cities Airport is the closest commercial passenger airport. It offers flights to major cities in the United States, including Seattle, Denver, and Salt Lake City.


Spokane International Airport

Situated around 150 miles northeast of Walla Walla, Spokane International Airport is another option for travellers. It serves as a major hub for the region and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.


Portland International Airport

Although a bit farther away, approximately 270 miles southwest of Walla Walla, Portland International Airport is a major airport with numerous flight options. It serves as a hub for several airlines and offers flights to various destinations worldwide.


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Located about 280 miles northwest of Walla Walla, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a major international airport serving the Seattle metropolitan area. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers.

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Things to do in Walla Walla

With a wide variety of attractions in Walla Walla, we've narrowed it down to our top 3 selections to make your planning easier:

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Whitman Mission National Historic Site

Step back in time and explore the fascinating history of the Whitman Mission, a former mission station founded by Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Whitman in the 1830s. Learn about their interactions with the Waiilatpu people and the fur trade, and tour the restored buildings that include a doctor's office, printing press, and flour mill.

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Fort Walla Walla Museum

This museum tells the story of the Walla Walla Valley, from the Native American tribes who lived there for centuries to the arrival of European settlers and the establishment of Fort Walla Walla. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, including artefacts from the fort, Native American clothing and tools, and exhibits on the history of agriculture and winemaking in the region.

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Walla Walla Wineries

Walla Walla is one of the premier wine regions in the United States. With over 120 wineries in the area, there are tours and tastings to suit every taste. You can learn about the winemaking process, sample a variety of wines, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Walla Walla Valley.

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