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San Felipe is a city in northwestern Venezuela known for its colonial history and agricultural production. Founded in 1729, the city played a role in the Spanish cacao trade. Sadly, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1812 and rebuilt on a new site. Today, San Felipe is a commercial centre in the fertile Yaracuy River valley. The city is famous for being Venezuela's main producer of oranges, so you can expect to see an abundance oforange groves surrounding the city. San Felipe also has an interesting history, reflected in its colonial architecture. The city's cathedral, Basilica Menor de San Felipe, is a beautiful example of colonial architecture and is definitely worth a visit.

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Airports near San Felipe

There are multiple ways to reach San Felipe - here are 4 airports you can use to get to San Felipe.

Simón Bolívar International Airport

This is the closest international airport to San Felipe, located approximately 200 kilometres away. It is a major hub for both domestic and international flights, offering connections to various destinations worldwide.


Arturo Michelena International Airport

Located around 150 kilometres from San Felipe, this regional airport serves as a convenient option for travellers. It offers domestic flights to several destinations within Venezuela.


Las Piedras Airport

Although not as well-connected as the previous two airports, Las Piedras Airport is located approximately 250 kilometres from San Felipe. It primarily serves domestic flights and can be considered as an alternative option for travellers.


If none of the above options suit your needs, you may consider flying into Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, near Caracas, and then taking a connecting flight to San Felipe Airport

. San Felipe Airport is a smaller regional airport located within the city, offering domestic flights to and from various destinations in Venezuela.

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Things to do in San Felipe

Discovering the many attractions of San Felipe can be quite a task, so we've narrowed down our top 3:

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San Felipe El Fuerte Park

This historic park showcases the remains of San Felipe Castle, a Spanish colonial fort dating back to the 17th century. Visitors can explore the fort ruins, which offer panoramic views of the city, and learn about the region's colonial past through exhibits at the on-site museum. The park is also a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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Plaza Bolivar

This central square is the heart of San Felipe. Lined with colourful buildings and featuring a central monument to Venezuelan independence hero Simon Bolivar, the plaza is a great place to people-watch and absorb the city's atmosphere. It's also a common starting point for exploring the city's other attractions, such as the nearby Cathedral of San Felipe.

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Cathedral of San Felipe

This remarkable cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Venezuela. Construction began in the 16th century, and the cathedral features a mix of architectural styles, including baroque and neoclassical. Visitors can admire the cathedral's facade, with its tall bell towers, and explore its richly decorated interior.

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