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Ouargla, located in the heart of the Sahara Desert in Algeria, is a city that offers a unique and captivating experience for travellers. Known for its geography, Ouargla provides a glimpse into the traditional way of life in the region. The city's architecture reflects its ancient roots, with narrow streets and mud-brick houses that transport visitors back in time. The warm and welcoming locals add to the charm of the city, offering a chance to immerse oneself in the local customs and traditions. The markets and bustling streets provide a lively atmosphere, where visitors can explore local crafts and taste delicious traditional cuisine. With its desert surroundings and cultural significance, Ouargla is a destination that promises an unforgettable adventure.

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Airports near Ouargla

Here are 4 airports available for your flights to Ouargla, simplifying your travel arrangements. With these options, travelling to and from Ouargla becomes effortlessly straightforward.

Hassi Messaoud Airport

Located approximately 200 kilometres northeast of Ouargla, Hassi Messaoud Airport is the closest international airport to the city. It serves as a major hub for oil and gas industry workers and offers domestic and limited international flights.


Touggourt Sidi Mahdi Airport

Situated around 200 kilometres southeast of Ouargla, Touggourt Sidi Mahdi Airport is another regional airport that can be reached by driving. It primarily operates domestic flights within Algeria.


Ghardaia Noumerate Airport

Located approximately 250 kilometres southwest of Ouargla, Ghardaia Noumerate Airport is another regional airport that can be considered. It offers domestic flights and limited international connections.


Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport

If you are looking for more international flight options, you may need to consider connecting flights to larger airports such as Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport or Constantine Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport (CZL). These airports are further away from Ouargla but offer a wider range of international destinations and better connectivity.

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Buy your flights to Ouargla and pay later

Using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for flights to Ouargla offers several advantages. Spread the cost of your booking over time for more flexibility in managing travel expenses, making your adventure more budget-friendly.

There are often no interest charges if paid within the agreed timeframe, but this will need to be checked with the lending provider, and it can ease budgeting for your trip, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Things to do in Ouargla

In a city full of many sights to see, we've picked out our top 3 must-sees:

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The Great Mosque of Ouargla

This historic mosque is a must-visit attraction in Ouargla. Its stunning architecture, featuring a unique minaret that stands as a symbol of the city, is a testament to the rich Islamic heritage of the region. The Great Mosque is not just a place of worship, but also a cultural hub that offers visitors a glimpse into the spiritual and historical aspects of Ouargla.

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The Old Town (Ksar)

The Ksar of Ouargla, also known as the Old Town, is a fascinating place to explore. This ancient fortified village, with its narrow winding streets and traditional mud-brick houses, offers a unique insight into the traditional Saharan way of life. The Ksar is also home to several artisan workshops where visitors can witness the creation of traditional crafts and purchase unique souvenirs.

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The Sand Dunes of Ouargla

For those seeking adventure, the sand dunes surrounding Ouargla offer an unforgettable experience. These vast expanses of golden sand, shaped by the wind into mesmerising patterns, are perfect for activities like sandboarding and camel trekking. The dunes also provide a stunning backdrop for photography, especially at sunrise or sunset when the light creates a magical play of colours on the sand.

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