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Marrakech, Morocco's ancient city, is a sensory feast for travellers seeking cultural immersion and historical exploration. Wander through the intricate alleyways of the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encountering bustling souks (markets) overflowing with spices, handcrafted goods, and local treasures. History enthusiasts can explore architectural marvels like the Koutoubia Mosque and Bahia Palace, showcasing Morocco's rich heritage. Beyond historical sites, Marrakech offers vibrant cultural experiences. Witness the captivating spectacle of Jemaa el-Fnaa square, filled with snake charmers, acrobats, and food stalls serving traditional dishes. Whether seeking bustling markets, architectural wonders, or a glimpse into Moroccan daily life, Marrakech provides a dynamic and unforgettable travel experience.

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Airports near Marrakech

Reach Marrakech your way. You can easily travel to Marrakech using any of these 4 airports.

Marrakech Menara Airport

This is the main international airport serving Marrakech and is located just 6 kilometres southwest of the city centre. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.


Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport

Although not as close as Marrakech Menara Airport, Casablanca's international airport is a major hub in Morocco. It is located approximately 220 kilometres northeast of Marrakech and offers numerous connecting flights to Marrakech.


Agadir Al Massira Airport

Situated around 250 kilometres southwest of Marrakech, Agadir Al Massira Airport is another option for travellers. It serves as a gateway to the popular coastal city of Agadir and offers domestic and international flights.


Essaouira-Mogador Airport

Located about 180 kilometres west of Marrakech, Essaouira-Mogador Airport is a smaller regional airport. It mainly serves domestic flights and a few international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers looking to explore the coastal town of Essaouira.

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Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

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Jemaa el-Fnaa Square

Immerse yourself in the sensory overload of Jemaa el-Fnaa, the central square. Witness a captivating spectacle of street performers, snake charmers, food stalls serving Moroccan specialities, and local artisans displaying their crafts, offering a window into the city's vibrant culture.

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Koutoubia Mosque

Admire the architectural marvel of the Koutoubia Mosque, a landmark recognised for its towering minaret and intricate details. Explore the surrounding gardens and courtyards, experiencing a place of serenity amidst the lively city.

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Bahia Palace

Journey back in time to the Bahia Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing exquisite courtyards, intricate tilework, and ornate decorations. Explore the various chambers and gardens, gaining insights into the grandeur of Moroccan history and architecture.

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