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Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a melting pot of cultures and a bustling metropolis. With its modern skyline and rich history, Kuala Lumpur offers a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary living. The city is known for its diverse culinary scene, where you can indulge in a variety of flavours from street food stalls to high-end restaurants. Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring the colourful markets, where you can find everything from traditional crafts to trendy fashion. Kuala Lumpur is also a shopper's paradise, with numerous malls and markets offering a wide range of products. Whether you're strolling through the lush green parks or admiring the stunning architecture, Kuala Lumpur is sure to captivate you with its energy and warm hospitality.

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Airports near Kuala Lumpur

Here are 4 airports available for your flights to Kuala Lumpur, simplifying your travel arrangements. With these options, travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur becomes effortlessly straightforward.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

This is the main international airport serving Kuala Lumpur and is located approximately 45 kilometres south of the city centre. It is well-connected to major cities around the world and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.


Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

Also known as Subang Airport, it is located about 30 kilometres west of Kuala Lumpur. While it primarily serves domestic flights, there are also a few regional flights available. From here, you can easily connect to other destinations within Malaysia.


Penang International Airport

Located on the island of Penang, approximately 350 kilometres northwest of Kuala Lumpur, this airport offers both domestic and international flights. If you prefer to drive, it would take around 4-5 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur from Penang.


Senai International Airport

Situated in Johor Bahru, about 350 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur, this airport serves as a gateway to southern Malaysia. It offers domestic and limited international flights. If you choose to drive, it would take around 3-4 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur from Johor Bahru.

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Buy your flights to Kuala Lumpur and pay later

Using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for flights to Kuala Lumpur offers several advantages. Spread the cost of your booking over time for more flexibility in managing travel expenses, making your adventure more budget-friendly.

There are often no interest charges if paid within the agreed timeframe, but this will need to be checked with the lending provider, and it can ease budgeting for your trip, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Discovering the many attractions of Kuala Lumpur can be quite a task, so we've narrowed down our top 3:

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Petronas Twin Towers

These iconic twin skyscrapers are the tallest twin towers in the world, offering breathtaking views of the city from their Skybridge and observation deck.

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Batu Caves

A stunning natural and cultural attraction, these limestone caves house Hindu temples and shrines, and are the site of the vibrant Thaipusam festival.

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Jalan Alor

Known as Kuala Lumpur's food street, Jalan Alor is a must-visit for food lovers, offering a wide array of local delicacies and street food.