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Hue is a city in central Vietnam, located on the banks of the Perfume River. It was the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. Hue is known for its historical sites, especially the Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Citadel is a large walled enclosure that includes the Imperial City, the Forbidden Purple City (once the emperor's residence), and palaces. The city also has several tombs of emperors, interesting pagodas and temples, and a lively market. Hue is a good base for exploring the surrounding area, which includes beaches, lagoons, and national parks.

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Airports near Hue

Reach Hue your way. You can easily travel to Hue using any of these 4 airports.

Phu Bai International Airport

Located in Hue itself, this is the closest international airport to the city. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from the city centre.


Da Nang International Airport

Although not in Hue, Da Nang International Airport is the closest major international airport to Hue. It is about a 2-hour drive from Hue, and there are various transportation options available to reach the city.


Noi Bai International Airport

Situated in Hanoi, Noi Bai International Airport is another option for travellers heading to Hue. It is a larger airport with more international flight options. From Hanoi, you can either take a domestic flight or travel by road to Hue, which is approximately a 10-hour drive.


Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the busiest airport in Vietnam. If you are arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, you can either take a domestic flight or travel by road to Hue, which is approximately a 14-hour drive.

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Things to do in Hue

With a wide variety of attractions in Hue, we've narrowed it down to our top 3 selections to make your planning easier:

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Imperial City (Hue Citadel)

Discover the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam. This UNESCO site showcases the grand palaces, ornate halls, and the Forbidden Purple City. Immerse yourself in the rich history and architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. A must-visit for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

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Thien Mu Pagoda

This iconic seven-story pagoda is Hue's tallest religious structure and a symbol of the city. Built in 1601 on the banks of the Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda is an active Buddhist monastery and a popular destination for prayer and reflection. The pagoda's architecture features a unique blend of Vietnamese and Chinese influences, with each level representing a different stage of enlightenment.

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Tomb of Khai Dinh

Just outside Hue lie the tombs of several Nguyen Dynasty emperors. The Tomb of Minh Mang is considered one of the most impressive, with a beautiful setting reflecting the principles of Confucianism and geomancy. Visitors can walk along a causeway lined with statues of elephants and mandarins, leading to the emperor's final resting place.

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