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Guarico is a state in central Venezuela, known as the "gateway" to the Llanos grasslands. The capital, San Juan de los Morros, is known for its Morros de San Juan, tabletop mountains that overlook the city. Guarico is also home to Calabozo, a historic city known for its role in the Venezuelan War of Independence. The state is known for its cattle ranching, agriculture, and oil production. While in Guarico, you might enjoy the outdoors by hiking in the mountains, swimming in the rivers, or spotting wildlife in the llanos.

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Airports near Guarico

You have choices when it comes to reaching Guarico. Here is a selection of 4 airports you can fly to when travelling to Guarico.

Simón Bolívar International Airport

Located in Maiquetía, approximately 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Guarico, this is the closest international airport. It serves as the main gateway to Venezuela and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.


Arturo Michelena International Airport

Situated in Valencia, around 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Guarico, this regional airport is another option for travellers. It primarily serves domestic flights but also offers some international connections.


General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport

Located in Barcelona, approximately 300 kilometres (186 miles) from Guarico, this airport is a bit further away but still within a reasonable driving distance. It offers both domestic and international flights.


If you prefer a more local airport, you can consider flying into San Tomé Airport

, which is located in San Tomé, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Guarico. However, please note that this airport primarily serves domestic flights, so you may need a connecting flight from a larger airport like Simón Bolívar International Airport.

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Things to do in Guarico

In a city full of many sights to see, we've picked out our top 3 must-sees:

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San Juan de los Morros

This energetic city is the capital of Guarico. It's known for its beautiful Morros de San Juan, tabletop mountains that offer amazing views of the surrounding plains. While you're here, you can take a cable car up the mountains for a panoramic perspective, explore the Morros de San Juan National Park with its hiking trails and wildlife, or visit the colonial-era churches and plazas in the city centre.

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Camaguán National Park

This park protects a broad area of llanos, or tropical grasslands. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including capuchin monkeys, caimans and anteaters. Popular activities here include hiking, horseback riding, or bird watching in the park. There are also several rivers in the park that are popular for swimming and fishing.

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This historic city is known for its role in Venezuela's War of Independence. Here, you can learn about the city's history at the Museo de los Llanos, or Plains Museum, which houses exhibits on the region's indigenous cultures, colonial period and war for independence. Calabozo is also known for its traditional music, joropo, and its annual joropo festival, which is held in February.

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