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Positioned in the northwest of Argentina, Catamarca is a region of untouched beauty and rich cultural heritage. It's a land of contrasts, where arid deserts meet lush vineyards, and towering mountains overlook tranquil valleys. Catamarca's climate varies from subtropical in the east to cold in the high mountains, offering a diverse range of experiences for its inhabitants. The region is known for its arts scene, with a strong tradition of folk music and dance. Its cuisine is a delightful blend of indigenous and Spanish influences, with local produce playing a starring role. Catamarca is a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

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Airports near Catamarca

There are multiple ways to reach Catamarca - here are 4 airports you can use to get to Catamarca.

Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella International Airport

Located approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Catamarca, this is the closest major international airport. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.


Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport

Situated around 500 kilometres west of Catamarca, this airport is another option for travellers. It serves both domestic and limited international flights.


Teniente General Benjamín Matienzo International Airport

Located approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Catamarca, this airport offers domestic flights and limited international connections.


Ezeiza International Airport

Although quite far from Catamarca (around 1,100 kilometres), this is the main international airport in Argentina. travellers may need to take a connecting flight from Buenos Aires to a more local airport closer to Catamarca.

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Things to do in Catamarca

Catamarca has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

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El Shincal de Quimivil

El Shincal, near Londres in Catamarca, is an intriguing Inca city. Explore its remnants, like the central plaza and residential areas, for a glimpse into their advanced urban planning. A must-visit for history buffs and those interested in pre-Columbian cultures.

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Campo de Piedra Pómez

Discover the surreal Campo de Piedra Pómez, a photographer's paradise with unique rock formations and bright white surfaces. This otherworldly landscape offers a surreal experience, like stepping onto another planet. Accessible with a guide, it's an adventurer's playground.

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Termas de Fiambalá

Discover the Termas de Fiambalá, nestled in the Andes. These natural hot springs offer therapeutic properties and a range of pools with different temperatures. Relax in the stunning mountain scenery and rejuvenate in this tranquil escape. Perfect for wellness tourism.

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