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Capanda, Angola, is a region which has changed shape and colour with history. Known for its agricultural prowess, it's a hub for farming and hydroelectric power, with the Capanda Dam being a significant contributor to the nation's energy supply. The area is characterised by its warm, tropical climate and diverse wildlife, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and industrial progress. The people of Capanda are known for their resilience and hardworking nature, contributing significantly to Angola's development. Despite its challenges, Capanda remains a symbol of growth and potential in the heart of Angola.

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Airports near Capanda

Here are 4 airports available for your flights to Capanda, simplifying your travel arrangements. With these options, travelling to and from Capanda becomes effortlessly straightforward.

Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport

This is the closest international airport to Capanda, located approximately 400 kilometres away. It is a major hub for international flights and offers connections to various destinations worldwide.


Lubango Airport

Although not as close as Luanda, Lubango Airport is a regional airport located around 700 kilometres from Capanda. It serves as a domestic hub and offers flights to several destinations within Angola.


Ondjiva Pereira Airport

Another regional airport, Ondjiva Pereira Airport is situated approximately 800 kilometres from Capanda. It primarily serves domestic flights within Angola.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

If you are unable to find direct flights to the above-mentioned airports, Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is a major international hub in East Africa. From there, you can take a connecting flight to either Luanda or Lubango airports to reach Capanda.

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Buy your flights to Capanda and pay later

Using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for flights to Capanda offers several advantages. Spread the cost of your booking over time for more flexibility in managing travel expenses, making your adventure more budget-friendly.

There are often no interest charges if paid within the agreed timeframe, but this will need to be checked with the lending provider, and it can ease budgeting for your trip, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Things to do in Capanda

Exploring Capanda's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

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Capanda Hydroelectric Dam

As one of the largest hydroelectric dams in Angola, the Capanda Dam is a marvel of modern engineering. This colossal structure not only provides a significant portion of the country's electricity but also serves as a testament to Angola's technological advancements. Visitors are often captivated by the sheer size of the dam and the powerful rush of water it controls.

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Kalandula Falls

Located near Capanda, the Kalandula Falls are one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in Africa. The falls cascade over a wide cliff, creating a breathtaking spectacle that draws tourists from around the world. The surrounding lush greenery and the misty spray from the falls create a serene and picturesque environment that's perfect for nature lovers.

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Local Culture and Cuisine

Capanda is not just about natural beauty and engineering marvels. It's also a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich Angolan culture. The local markets are bustling with activity, offering a wide range of traditional crafts and foods. The local cuisine, with its unique blend of African and Portuguese influences, is a gastronomic delight that should not be missed.

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