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Buariki is an island located in the northern part of Tarawa Atoll, which is part of the Gilbert Islands in Kiribati. It's known for being the site of the Battle of Buariki in World War II, where the remaining Japanese forces fought to the death. Today, Buariki is a destination ideal for those wanting to experience the true Kiribati way of life. Visitors can relax on the beaches, go canoe sailing, explore the Buariki village, or participate in local fishing activities. Accommodation is available at the Eutan Buariki Paradise, also known as Buariki Eco Lodge.

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Airports near Buariki

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Buariki. Here's 4 airports that serve Buariki.

Bonriki International Airport

Located in Tarawa, Kiribati, Bonriki International Airport is the closest international airport to Buariki. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from Buariki.


Nadi International Airport

If you are unable to find a direct flight to Bonriki International Airport, Nadi International Airport in Fiji is another option. It is a larger airport with more international connections. From Nadi, you can take a connecting flight to Bonriki International Airport.


Funafuti International Airport

Funafuti International Airport in Tuvalu is another regional airport that can be considered. It is a bit further away from Buariki, but still within a reasonable distance. From Funafuti, you can take a connecting flight to Bonriki International Airport.


Marshall Islands International Airport

Marshall Islands International Airport in Majuro, Marshall Islands, is another option for travellers heading to Buariki. It is a bit farther away, so you would need to take a connecting flight from there to Bonriki International Airport.

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Things to do in Buariki

In a city full of many sights to see, we've picked out our top 3 must-sees:

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Visit historical and cultural sites

Buariki is an island decorated in history. You can visit the sacred shrine of Beia-ma-Tekaai, King Kewe's shrine, and Kimoauea (the rat queen). There's also a Japanese World War II memorial monument and an abandoned leper camp. Be aware that some of these sites are culturally sensitive and may require a local guide.

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Learn about Kiribati culture

The best way to learn about Kiribati culture is to visit a maneaba, a traditional meeting house. Here, you can observe locals going about their daily lives and participate in cultural activities like weaving or dancing. You can also visit the Te Umwanibong museum on nearby South Tarawa to learn more about Kiribati history and see traditional artefacts.

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Relax on the beach

Buariki is a beautiful island with plenty of beaches to relax on. The beaches here are not typically crowded, so you can enjoy a peaceful day swimming, sunbathing, or exploring the tide pools. Be sure to pack your swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen!