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Flights to Brønnøy

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Brønnøy, located in northern Norway, is a destination suited for those interested in experiencing the beauty of the Arctic. The town itself is situated on an archipelago, offering opportunities for island hopping and coastal exploration. Hikers can enjoy trails with scenic views, while kayakers can explore the fjords and surrounding waters. Brønnøy is also a good base for visiting Lomsdal-Visten National Park, known for its dramatic mountains and wildlife.

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Airports near Brønnøy

Here are 4 airports available for your flights to Brønnøy, simplifying your travel arrangements. With these options, travelling to and from Brønnøy becomes effortlessly straightforward.

Trondheim Airport, Værnes

Located approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes away by car, Trondheim Airport is the closest international airport to Brønnøy. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers.


Bodø Airport

Situated around 3 hours and 30 minutes away by car, Bodø Airport is another regional airport that serves as a gateway to Brønnøy. It offers domestic flights to various destinations in Norway, including connections to other international airports.


Ålesund Airport, Vigra

Although a bit further away, Ålesund Airport is a regional airport located approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes away by car. It offers domestic flights and some international connections, making it an option for travellers who prefer a longer drive.


Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

If you are willing to take a connecting flight, Oslo Airport is the largest international airport in Norway and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights. It is located around 7 hours and 30 minutes away by car from Brønnøy, so a connecting flight from Oslo to a more local airport might be a more convenient option for some travellers.

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Buy your flights to Brønnøy and pay later

Using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for flights to Brønnøy offers several advantages. Spread the cost of your booking over time for more flexibility in managing travel expenses, making your adventure more budget-friendly.

There are often no interest charges if paid within the agreed timeframe, but this will need to be checked with the lending provider, and it can ease budgeting for your trip, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Things to do in Brønnøy

Exploring Brønnøy's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

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Brønnøysund Bridge

This iconic structure is a must-see for any visitor to Brønnøy. The Brønnøysund Bridge is a cantilever bridge that spans the Brønnøysundet strait, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Its impressive architecture and the stunning backdrop make it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

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Torghatten Mountain

Known for its distinctive hole right through the middle, Torghatten Mountain is a natural wonder that leaves visitors in awe. The hole was formed during the Ice Age and is a testament to the power of nature. A hike to the top rewards you with panoramic views of the Norwegian coastline, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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Vega Archipelago

Just a short boat ride from Brønnøy, the Vega Archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's home to a unique cultural landscape shaped by generations of fishermen and farmers. The archipelago is also a haven for birdwatchers, with a rich variety of bird species, including the eider duck, whose down was traditionally used by the local community.

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