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Breckenridge, Colorado is a town that caters to all seasons. In the winter, it's a popular ski destination with five peaks offering varied terrain for all ability levels. Beyond skiing, there's snowmobiling, ice skating, and sleigh rides. During the summer, Breckenridge transforms into a hub for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting. The historic Main Street, lined with Victorian-era buildings, offers a charming atmosphere with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Breckenridge is a great choice for a mountain getaway, whether you're seeking winter sports or summer adventures.

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Airports near Breckenridge

Here are 4 airports available for your flights to Breckenridge, simplifying your travel arrangements. With these options, travelling to and from Breckenridge becomes effortlessly straightforward.

Denver International Airport

Located approximately 105 miles east of Breckenridge, Denver International Airport is the closest major international airport. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers.


Colorado Springs Airport

Situated around 110 miles south of Breckenridge, Colorado Springs Airport is another regional airport that serves commercial passenger flights. It offers a smaller selection of flights compared to Denver International Airport but can be a viable option for travellers.


Eagle County Regional Airport

Located approximately 70 miles west of Breckenridge, Eagle County Regional Airport is a regional airport that serves the Vail Valley area. It offers a limited number of commercial flights, but it can be a convenient option for travellers looking to reach Breckenridge.


Aspen/Pitkin County Airport

Situated around 80 miles southwest of Breckenridge, Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is another regional airport that serves the Aspen area. It offers a limited number of commercial flights, and travellers may need to connect through a larger airport to reach Breckenridge.

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Buy your flights to Breckenridge and pay later

Using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for flights to Breckenridge offers several advantages. Spread the cost of your booking over time for more flexibility in managing travel expenses, making your adventure more budget-friendly.

There are often no interest charges if paid within the agreed timeframe, but this will need to be checked with the lending provider, and it can ease budgeting for your trip, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Things to do in Breckenridge

Breckenridge has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

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Breckenridge Ski Resort

Known as one of the most popular ski destinations in North America, Breckenridge Ski Resort is a must-visit for winter sports enthusiasts. With its vast terrain, high-quality snow, and stunning mountain views, it offers an unparalleled skiing experience. But it's not just for winter - during the summer, the resort transforms into a playground for hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor adventure.

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Main Street Breckenridge

Step back in time as you stroll down Main Street, the heart of Breckenridge. This charming, historic district is lined with beautifully preserved Victorian buildings that now house a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Whether you're looking for unique souvenirs, gourmet dining, or local art, you'll find it on Main Street.

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Boreas Pass Road

For breathtaking panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, take a drive or bike ride up Boreas Pass Road. This scenic route, which was once a railroad track, offers stunning vistas of the surrounding peaks and valleys. In the fall, the aspen trees lining the road turn a brilliant gold, creating a truly unforgettable landscape.

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