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Bordj Badji Mokhtar is a unique destination situated in the heart of Algeria's Sahara Desert. This remote town is a testament to human resilience, with a community that thrives amidst the vast, arid landscape. Bordj Badji Mokhtar is known for its rich cultural heritage, offering a glimpse into the traditional Saharan way of life. The town's local markets and traditional architecture are a testament to its enduring spirit. Despite its remote location, Bordj Badji Mokhtar is a hub of activity, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

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Airports near Bordj Badji Mokhtar

You have choices when it comes to reaching Bordj Badji Mokhtar. Here is a selection of 4 airports you can fly to when travelling to Bordj Badji Mokhtar.

Tamanrasset Airport

Located approximately 400 kilometres from Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Tamanrasset Airport is the closest international airport. It offers domestic and limited international flights.


Ghardaia Airport

Situated around 600 kilometres from Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Ghardaia Airport is another regional airport that can be reached by driving. It serves domestic flights and a few international destinations.


Salah Airport

Located approximately 700 kilometres from Bordj Badji Mokhtar, In Salah Airport is another option for travellers. It primarily operates domestic flights but also has limited international connections.


Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport

If you prefer a more convenient option, you can fly into Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, which is the main international airport in Algeria. From there, you can take a connecting flight to one of the regional airports mentioned above. Algiers is approximately 1,500 kilometres away from Bordj Badji Mokhtar, so a connecting flight would be necessary for a more local airport.

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Things to do in Bordj Badji Mokhtar

Discovering the many attractions of Bordj Badji Mokhtar can be quite a task, so we've narrowed down our top 3:

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The Sahara Desert

Bordj Badji Mokhtar, in the Sahara Desert, offers a unique experience. Explore sand dunes, rocky terrain, and witness stunning sunrises/sunsets. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this natural wonder. The Sahara is an adventure waiting to be experienced.

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Traditional Tuareg Culture

Bordj Badji Mokhtar is home to the Tuareg people, a Berber ethnic group known for their nomadic lifestyle. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about their rich culture and traditions, from their distinctive blue attire to their beautiful silver jewelry. Experiencing the Tuareg way of life, with their music, dance, and storytelling, is a cultural immersion that leaves a lasting impression.

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Local Markets

The local markets in Bordj Badji Mokhtar offer a vibrant and authentic glimpse into Algerian life. Here, visitors can browse a variety of goods, from traditional handicrafts and textiles to fresh produce and spices. The bustling atmosphere, the colourful displays, and the friendly haggling are all part of the market experience. It's a great place to pick up unique souvenirs and sample local cuisine.