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Berbérati is the third-largest city in the Central African Republic, situated in the southwestern part of the country near the border with Cameroon. With a population of around 105,000, it serves as the capital of the Mambéré-Kadéï Prefecture. The city is known for being a centre of commerce and agriculture. Berbérati has a hot climate year-round with a wet and dry season. The rainy season is from May to October, while the dry season is from November to April.

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Airports near Berbérati

You have choices when it comes to reaching Berbérati. Here is a selection of 4 airports you can fly to when travelling to Berbérati.

Bangui M'Poko International Airport

As the main international airport in the Central African Republic, Bangui offers the most reliable starting point for your journey. Flights to Berberati from Bangui might exist, but schedules and frequencies may be irregular. Ground transportation from Bangui to Berberati is possible but involves a long journey on potentially poorly maintained roads.


Bouar Airport

Bouar is a smaller regional airport with limited domestic flight connections. If you can find a flight from Bangui to Bouar, the remaining distance to Berberati by road would be significantly shorter compared to travelling directly from Bangui. However, ground transport options might be more limited from Bouar to Berberati.


Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport

Located in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon, this airport is around 650 kilometres away from Berbérati. You would need to take a connecting flight or arrange ground transportation from Yaoundé to reach your final destination.


Brazzaville Maya-Maya Airport

Situated in Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo, this airport is approximately 700 kilometres away from Berbérati. You would need to take a connecting flight or arrange ground transportation from Brazzaville to reach your destination.

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Things to do in Berbérati

Exploring Berbérati's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park

Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Central African Republic, is a must-visit. Despite challenges like poaching and regional instability, it offers a rich savannah ecosystem with diverse wildlife, including elephants, cheetahs, leopards, and rhinos.

M'Baïki Coffee and Timber Industries

Berbérati is located in a region known for its coffee and timber production. Visitors with an interest in the local economy or sustainable practices might find a tour of the local coffee plantations and timber mills enlightening. It's an opportunity to learn about the production processes, the local economy, and the challenges faced by these industries in the Central African Republic.

Local Artisan and Craft Markets

Berbérati's vibrant markets showcase local crafts, textiles, and art, offering a glimpse into the region's culture. Engage with artisans, support the community, and gain a deeper understanding of artistic traditions. Buy unique souvenirs and experience cultural exchange.