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Consider Bellaire, Michigan, in the northwestern part of the Lower Peninsula, for your next vacation. This village is a great choice for travellers interested in a mix of outdoor recreation and small-town charm. Water enthusiasts will find plenty to do on Lake Bellaire, from swimming and boating to fishing. During winter, the area offers snowmobiling trails and opportunities for skiing at nearby Shanty Creek Resorts. Hikers and bikers can explore the Glacial Hills Pathway, a 32-mile trail with scenic views. Bellaire also caters to those interested in a more relaxed pace. The historic downtown area features unique shops and restaurants, perfect for browsing and trying local flavours. Visitors can tour the Antrim County Courthouse, a historic building, or sample craft beers at Short's Brewing Company. Overall, Bellaire offers a combination of outdoor activities, historical sites, and small-town attractions, making it a well-rounded destination for a variety of interests.

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Airports near Bellaire

Reach Bellaire your way. You can easily travel to Bellaire using any of these 4 airports.

Cherry Capital Airport

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, approximately 30 miles northeast of Bellaire. It is a commercial passenger airport with several major airlines operating flights to and from various destinations.


Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, about 150 miles southwest of Bellaire. It is a larger airport with numerous domestic and international flights available.


Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Located in Romulus, Michigan, around 250 miles southeast of Bellaire. This is a major international airport with a wide range of flight options and connections to various destinations worldwide.


Pellston Regional Airport

Situated in Pellston, Michigan, approximately 60 miles north of Bellaire. While it is a smaller regional airport, it offers commercial passenger flights and can be a convenient option for travellers looking to reach Bellaire.

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Things to do in Bellaire

In a city full of many sights to see, we've picked out our top 3 must-sees:

Experience the Charm of Small-Town America

Discover Bellaire's quaint downtown area, brimming with unique shops, local eateries, and friendly locals. It's the perfect place to experience the charm of small-town America.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits

From the tranquil Bellaire Lake to the lush forests surrounding the town, Bellaire offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Whether you're a hiking enthusiast, a fishing aficionado, or simply a nature lover, Bellaire has something for you.

Indulge in Local Delicacies

Bellaire is renowned for its local produce and artisanal food products. Visit the local farmers' market or dine in one of the town's farm-to-table restaurants to savour the fresh, local flavours that Bellaire has to offer.

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