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Visiting Belaya Gora, Russia, located in the Sakha Republic, offers a chance to experience a remote settlement with a distinct cultural identity. The town, situated on the Indigirka River, serves as the administrative centre of the Abyysky District. Here, you can visit historical sites or explore the surrounding natural beauty. One option is the village of Suturuokha, located directly opposite Belaya Gora on the riverbank. If you're interested in a destination with a different pace of life and a connection to the far north of Russia, Belaya Gora could be a suitable choice for your trip.

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Airports near Belaya Gora

Planning a trip to Belaya Gora? Enjoy flexibility with our selection of 4 airports, which offer different routes and options when travelling to Belaya Gora.

Yakutsk Airport

Located in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), this airport serves as a major regional hub. You may be able to find smaller, infrequent flights from Yakutsk to nearby regional airports closer to Belaya Gora.


Chersky Airport

Situated in the town of Chersky, this small regional airport may offer occasional domestic connections that bring you closer to Belaya Gora. However, flights might be infrequent and have limited capacity.


Magadan Airport

Located in Magadan, near the Sea of Okhotsk coast, this airport offers flights connecting to various remote destinations within the Russian Far East. There's a possibility you could find a flight bringing you closer to Belaya Gora, but connecting flights could be complex.


Khabarovsk Novy Airport

Serving the city of Khabarovsk, this airport acts as a hub for several regional airlines operating within Russia's Far East. While the connection to Belaya Gora could be a lengthy one, finding flights from Khabarovsk may be a starting point for your journey.

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Things to do in Belaya Gora

With a wealth of sights to see in Belaya Gora, here are our top 3:

The Majestic Belaya Gora Mountain

Ascend Belaya Gora Mountain for an exhilarating adventure. As the highest peak in the region, it offers breathtaking views. Conquer challenging trails and breathe in the fresh air. Stand on top of the world and witness Russia's awe-inspiring beauty.

The Enchanting Belaya River

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Belaya River. This stunning waterway, winding its way through the heart of Belaya Gora, offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you choose to enjoy a peaceful boat ride, try your hand at fishing, or simply sit by the riverbank and watch the world go by, the Belaya River promises a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

The Rich Cultural Heritage of Belaya Gora

Step back in time and explore the rich cultural heritage of Belaya Gora. Visit the local museums and historical sites to learn about the region's fascinating past, or immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by attending traditional festivals and events. From ancient artifacts to folk dances, Belaya Gora offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of Russia.

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