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Baucau is the second-largest city in East Timor, located on the north coast of the eastern part of the country. It's a city with a mix of new development, like a lively market, and a relaxed, older town centre with a Portuguese colonial influence. The city sits on a plateau overlooking the sea. While there are beaches nearby, be aware of warnings about crocodiles. Baucau is also known for its agriculture, and the surrounding area is beautiful - you can head into the mountains or explore rural life. The climate in Baucau is tropical, so expect hot and humid weather year-round.

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Airports near Baucau

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Baucau. Here's 4 airports that serve Baucau.

Dili International Airport

This is the only international airport in East Timor, offering connections to various regional hubs like Bali (Indonesia), Darwin (Australia), and Singapore. It is also the closest airport to Baucau, located approximately 123 kilometres (76 miles) away.


Kupang Airport

While not in East Timor, Kupang is the main airport on the Indonesian island of Timor, located around 150 kilometres (93 miles) west of Dili. You can find flights from various Indonesian and international destinations to Kupang, and then take a bus or shared taxi to Dili.


Denpasar International Airport

Bali's main airport offers a wider range of flight options from various international hubs, potentially providing lower fares and more connections to Dili through airlines operating in Southeast Asia. However, the ground transportation distance to Dili is longer, approximately 370 kilometres (230 miles).


Darwin International Airport

This airport in Australia offers connections to various domestic and international destinations, potentially providing convenient options if you're travelling from Australia or nearby regions. However, flight options to Dili might be limited compared to other options, and the ground transportation distance is also significant, around 900 kilometres (560 miles).

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Things to do in Baucau

Baucau has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Pousada de Baucau

This historic pink building was built by the Portuguese in the 1930s and served as a governor's residence. Today, it's a pousada, a type of Portuguese inn, offering stunning views of the surrounding town and mountains. Visitors can explore the pousada's grounds or enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

Baucau Old Town

Take a step back in time by wandering through the streets of Baucau's Old Town. Here you'll find colonial-era architecture, including Portuguese-style buildings with red-tiled roofs and verandas. The Old Town is a great place to soak up the local atmosphere and do some people-watching.

Baucau Swimming Pool

This unique swimming pool is fed by a natural spring and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The pool is surrounded by large banyan trees, providing a shady spot to relax after a swim.

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