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Basankusu is a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo located at the confluence of the Lopori and Maringa Rivers, which eventually flows into the Congo River. The town itself serves as the last major stop before entering the remote Lopori Basin. The climate is typical of a tropical rainforest, with no distinct dry season and constant rainfall throughout the year. Expect highs to range between 30°C and 33°C, with lows around 20°C. The surrounding area is known for its bonobo conservation efforts, making it a base for those interested in seeing these close relatives of chimpanzees.

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Airports near Basankusu

Reach Basankusu your way. You can easily travel to Basankusu using any of these 4 airports.

Mbandaka Airport

Located approximately 180 kilometres northeast of Basankusu, Mbandaka Airport is the closest commercial passenger airport. It is a regional airport serving domestic flights within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Kinshasa N'Djili International Airport

If you are travelling from an international destination, you can fly into Kinshasa N'Djili International Airport, which is located in the capital city of Kinshasa. From there, you can take a connecting flight to Mbandaka Airport or consider other transportation options to reach Basankusu.


Gbadolite Airport

Gbadolite Airport is another regional airport located approximately 400 kilometres northwest of Basankusu. While it is not as close as Mbandaka Airport, it can be considered as an alternative option for travellers.


Gemena Airport

Gemena Airport is located around 500 kilometres southeast of Basankusu. It is a regional airport that offers domestic flights within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If you choose to fly into Gemena Airport, you will need to arrange for further transportation to reach Basankusu.

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Things to do in Basankusu

Exploring Basankusu's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

The Lomami National Park

This park is home to a variety of wildlife, including chimpanzees, bonobos, and okapi. The park is also home to the Efe people, a group of indigenous people who have lived in the forest for centuries.

The Sankuru River

This river is a major tributary of the Congo River. It is a popular spot for fishing and boating.

The town of Basankusu

This town is located on the banks of the Sankuru River. It is a small town, but it is an important center for trade and commerce in the region.

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