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Flights to Barter Island Lrrs

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Barter Island LRRS, also known as Kaktovik, is located in a remote part of northern Alaska. It's not a typical tourist destination, but it appeals to travellers interested in experiencing a self-sufficient lifestyle and Arctic environments. The island's main attraction is the Inupiat culture. Visitors can learn about traditional hunting and fishing practices, and even witness the annual spring whaling harvest, which is a vital part of local life. Barter Island LRRS also offers opportunities for outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and wildlife viewing. During the winter months, visitors can experience the Arctic lights, a natural phenomenon that creates dazzling displays of colourful lights in the night sky. For those seeking an unconventional adventure and a chance to learn about a unique way of life, Barter Island LRRS can be a rewarding choice.

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Airports near Barter Island Lrrs

Planning a trip to Barter Island Lrrs? Enjoy flexibility with our selection of 4 airports, which offer different routes and options when travelling to Barter Island Lrrs.

Fairbanks International Airport

Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, approximately 640 miles south of Barter Island Lrrs. It is the closest major airport and offers a range of domestic and international flights.


Anchorage International Airport

Situated in Anchorage, Alaska, about 800 miles southwest of Barter Island Lrrs. It is the largest airport in Alaska and serves as a major hub for both domestic and international flights.


Whitehorse International Airport

Located in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, approximately 600 miles northwest of Barter Island Lrrs. While it is not within driving distance, it is a regional airport that offers connecting flights to smaller airports in Alaska.


Prudhoe Bay Airport

Situated in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, around 200 miles east of Barter Island Lrrs. It is a smaller airport that primarily serves the oil industry but also offers limited commercial passenger flights.

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Things to do in Barter Island Lrrs

Exploring Barter Island Lrrs's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Discover the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge near Barter Island Lrrs. Experience stunning beauty, diverse wildlife, and guided tours. See polar bears, caribou, muskoxen, and birds. Explore hiking trails and learn about the fragile Arctic ecosystem and conservation.


Kaktovik, an Inupiaq village on Barter Island, offers a cultural experience with subsistence lifestyle, hunting, fishing, and Inupiaq culture. Visit the museum, join cultural events, and witness polar bear viewing in fall.

Tundra Tours

Barter Island Lrrs is a gateway to the Arctic tundra. Guided tours showcase its vastness, rolling hills, wildflowers, and unique wildlife. Spot muskoxen, Arctic foxes, migratory birds, and even polar bears. Learn about the tundra's ecology, history, and climate change challenges.

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