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Barinas, Venezuela is a city located in the western plains of the country. The city serves as the capital of Barinas State and is known as the "capital of the Llanos," a reference to the vast grasslands that surround the region. Barinas offers a chance to experience Venezuelan culture, with historical sites and traditional foods alongside modern conveniences. If you're looking for a destination that combines historical significance with a taste of local life, Barinas could be a good option for your trip.

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Airports near Barinas

You have choices when it comes to reaching Barinas. Here is a selection of 4 airports you can fly to when travelling to Barinas.

Barinas Airport

This is the closest airport to the city of Barinas, located approximately 10 kilometres away. It is a commercial passenger airport with domestic flights within Venezuela.


El Vigia Airport

If you are unable to find a suitable flight to Barinas Airport, El Vigia Airport is another option. It is located around 150 kilometres away from Barinas and offers domestic flights within Venezuela.


San Antonio del Tachira Airport

If you are willing to drive a bit further, San Antonio del Tachira Airport is approximately 250 kilometres away from Barinas. It is a commercial passenger airport with domestic flights within Venezuela.


Simon Bolivar International Airport

If you are unable to find direct flights to any of the above airports, Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas is the largest and busiest airport in Venezuela. It is located around 500 kilometres away from Barinas and offers both domestic and international flights. You can then take a connecting flight or drive to Barinas from Caracas.

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Things to do in Barinas

Barinas has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada

Discover Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada in Barinas, Venezuela. A paradise for nature lovers, it boasts diverse flora and fauna, including endangered species. With majestic mountains, lush forests, and pristine rivers, it's a haven for hikers, bird watchers, and anyone who appreciates nature's beauty.

Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Discover Barinas' cultural heritage at the historic Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Admire the stunning architecture, peaceful ambiance, and intricate details like stained glass windows and wooden pews. Perfect for history, architecture, and spirituality enthusiasts.

Los Pozos de la Vaca

Discover a unique adventure at Los Pozos de la Vaca. These thermal pools, nestled in lush vegetation, offer a tranquil escape. Relax, rejuvenate, and immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Experience the therapeutic properties of these pools and leave wanting more.

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