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Flights to Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island

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Bandar Lampung is a port city on the southern tip of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It sits right on Lampung Bay, facing the Indian Ocean. The city itself is a result of merging two areas in the 1980s: Tanjungkarang, located on the hilly inland area, and Telukbetung, the coastal port city. As a major port city, Bandar Lampung offers a mix of historical and modern attractions. You can visit museums to learn about the region's past or explore the port area to see the fishing industry and cargo ships. The city also has beaches for swimming and relaxation. If you're looking for some outdoor adventure, you can hike in the nearby Bukit Barisan mountains or visit one of the national parks. The climate in Bandar Lampung is tropical, with hot and humid weather year-round. The city does experience a rainy season from November to March, but even during this time, there is usually sunshine in between showers.

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Airports near Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island

Planning a trip to Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island? Enjoy flexibility with our selection of 4 airports, which offer different routes and options when travelling to Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island.

Radin Inten II Airport

Located in the city of Bandar Lampung, this is the closest airport to the destination. It is a commercial passenger airport and offers domestic flights within Indonesia.


Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Situated in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, this is the main international airport in the country. It is approximately a 3-4 hour drive from Bandar Lampung and offers numerous international flights.


Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport

Located in Palembang, South Sumatra, this airport is around a 5-6 hour drive from Bandar Lampung. It is a commercial passenger airport with domestic and limited international flights.


Juanda International Airport

Situated in Surabaya, East Java, this airport is quite far from Bandar Lampung, requiring a connecting flight. However, it is a major international airport in Indonesia and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.

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Things to do in Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island

Bandar Lampung-Sumatra Island has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Pahawang Island

A paradise for snorkelers and divers, Pahawang Island is located off the southern coast of Lampung. It's known for its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters. You can see a wide variety of fish, crustaceans, and even sharks and manta rays. Boat trips to the island are readily available from Bandar Lampung.

Krakatau Monument

This monument commemorates the devastating eruption of Krakatau volcano in 1883, one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history. The monument itself is a large structure with a viewing platform at the top, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. There's also a park around the monument where you can relax and learn more about the eruption through information boards.

Siger Tower

This colourful tower is a prominent landmark in Bandar Lampung. It's designed in the shape of a Siger, a traditional Lampung headdress. You can climb to the observation deck for stunning views of the city and Lampung Bay. The tower is also a popular spot for taking photos.

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