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Balimo, Papua New Guinea, is a village located on the north coast of New Guinea Island. It's a small and remote destination with limited tourist infrastructure. Balimo is a traditional village where you can experience aspects of Papua New Guinean culture firsthand. You might have the opportunity to see villagers perform singsings (traditional dances) or witness everyday life in the village. The surrounding area offers scenic beauty with beaches, rainforests, and coral reefs. Snorkelling and diving are potential activities if you can arrange them locally.

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Airports near Balimo

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Balimo. Here's 4 airports that serve Balimo.

Kiunga Airport

This is the closest airport to Balimo, located just 275 km away. It primarily serves domestic flights within Papua New Guinea, with regular connections to the capital, Port Moresby (POM). From Kiunga, you can hop on a smaller aircraft or charter a private plane for the short flight to Balimo.


Wewak International Airport

Located approximately 450 km from Balimo, Wewak offers more international connections than Kiunga, including flights from Australia and Singapore. From Wewak, you can connect to Kiunga or other domestic airports with flights to Balimo.


Cairns Airport

While not in Papua New Guinea, Cairns in Australia can be a good starting point if you're coming from further abroad. It offers numerous international connections and regular flights to Port Moresby. From Port Moresby, you can then connect to Kiunga or other airports for the final leg to Balimo.


McArthur River Mine Airport

This is a private airport serving the McArthur River Mine, located about 400 km from Balimo. While not publicly accessible, it might be an option if you have business connections or special arrangements with the mine.

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Things to do in Balimo

Exploring Balimo's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

Experience the Untouched Wilderness

Venture into the heart of Balimo's untouched rainforests, teeming with unique wildlife and lush vegetation. A paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Immerse in Rich Cultural Heritage

Discover the rich cultural heritage of the Gogodala people. Witness their traditional ceremonies, intricate wood carvings, and unique way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Explore the Mighty Aramia River

Embark on a thrilling journey down the Aramia River. Experience the serene beauty of its winding waterways, spot exotic bird species, and catch a glimpse of the elusive crocodile in its natural habitat.