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Baicheng is a city in northwestern Jilin Province, China. It borders Inner Mongolia to the north and west, and Heilongjiang province to the east. The area around Baicheng has a long history, dating back to nomadic tribes in the Late Neolithic Age. Today, Baicheng is an agricultural centre, with farming and animal husbandry playing a major role in the economy. There are also two nature preserves nearby, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation. The climate in Baicheng is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. If you're looking for a destination full of history and surrounded by nature, Baicheng could be a good option for your trip.

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Airports near Baicheng

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Baicheng. Here's 4 airports that serve Baicheng.

Changchun Longjia International Airport

Located approximately 300 kilometres southwest of Baicheng, Changchun Longjia International Airport is the closest major international airport. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers.


Harbin Taiping International Airport

Situated around 400 kilometres northeast of Baicheng, Harbin Taiping International Airport is another viable option for travellers. It serves as a major transportation hub in the region, offering both domestic and international flights.


Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

Located approximately 500 kilometres southeast of Baicheng, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is a larger airport with a wide range of domestic and international flight options. It may require a longer drive, but it is still within a reasonable distance.


Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport

Situated around 700 kilometres southeast of Baicheng, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is a bit further away but still accessible by driving. It offers a variety of domestic and international flights, making it a potential option for travellers.

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Things to do in Baicheng

With a wealth of sights to see in Baicheng, here are our top 3:

Changchuntianding Mountain Ski Resort

This spot is known for its vast ski area with multiple slopes catering to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. The resort also features a cable car for easy access to the slopes. If you're visiting Baicheng during the winter, this could be a great place to check out.

Lianhuan Lake International Hot Spring Resort

This resort offers a relaxing getaway with its natural hot springs. These springs are believed to have therapeutic properties, making them a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The resort may also have additional amenities like pools, restaurants, and spas.

Daobao Ski Field

Another option for winter sports enthusiasts, this ski field offers a chance to hit the slopes. There's not much information available online about Daobao Ski Field, so it might be a good idea to do some further research to see if it suits your needs before you go.

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