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Flights to Ayacucho, Peru

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Ayacucho is a city situated in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, roughly 350 miles southeast of the capital, Lima. Sitting at an elevation of over 9,000 feet, Ayacucho boasts a mild climate with sunny days and cool nights. The city is famous for its colonial architecture, with grand 17th and 18th-century churches lining its streets. A major highlight is the Holy Week celebration, known as Semana Santa, considered one of the most elaborate in South America. Beyond the city, treks to nearby archaeological sites like Wari and Vilcashuamán offer a glimpse into Peru's pre-Columbian past.

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Airports near Ayacucho

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Ayacucho. Here's 4 airports that serve Ayacucho.

Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendívil Duarte Airport

This is the closest international airport to Ayacucho, located approximately 5 miles (8 kilometres) northeast of the city centre. It serves as the main gateway for travellers visiting Ayacucho and offers domestic flights to Lima, Cusco, and other major cities in Peru.


Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport

Although not as close as AYP, this airport is located in Cusco, which is a popular tourist destination and a common starting point for travellers exploring the region. It is approximately 200 miles (322 kilometres) northwest of Ayacucho. From Cusco, you can either take a connecting flight or travel by road to Ayacucho.


Jorge Chávez International Airport

This is the main international airport in Peru, located in Lima, the capital city. It is approximately 340 miles (547 kilometres) northwest of Ayacucho. If you are arriving from an international destination, you will likely land at this airport. From Lima, you can either take a connecting flight or travel by road to Ayacucho.


Francisco Carle Airport

If you prefer a more local airport, Francisco Carle Airport is an option. It is located in Jauja, approximately 100 miles (161 kilometres) northwest of Ayacucho. This airport offers domestic flights to Lima and other cities in Peru. From Jauja, you can easily reach Ayacucho by road.

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Things to do in Ayacucho

Ayacucho has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Plaza Mayor

Also known as the Plaza de Armas, this central square is a great place to start your exploration of Ayacucho. It's lined with beautiful colonial buildings, including the Cathedral of Ayacucho with its gold-leaf altarpieces. In the centre of the square is a nice fountain, and there are always plenty of people-watching opportunities.

Wari Ruins

Just outside the city are the fascinating ruins of Wari, an ancient city that predates the Incas. The Wari were a powerful civilization that flourished in the area from the 6th to the 8th centuries AD. The ruins include ceremonial buildings, plazas, and even underground galleries. It's a great place to learn about the history of the region.

Ayacucho Cathedral

This impressive cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in Ayacucho. Construction began in the 16th century, and the cathedral is a mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and Churrigueresque styles. The interior is richly decorated with gold leaf, paintings, and sculptures. Be sure to take some time to wander around and admire the architecture.

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