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Arvidsjaur, a town in Swedish Lapland, offers a taste of both Swedish culture and stunning natural beauty. In the winter, it's a popular destination for outdoor activities like snowmobiling and ice driving. Summer brings hiking and fishing opportunities. The town itself has a fascinating history, with a traditional Sami community and a church town dating back to the 18th century.

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Airports near Arvidsjaur

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Arvidsjaur. Here's 4 airports that serve Arvidsjaur.

Luleå Airport

Located approximately 150 kilometres southwest of Arvidsjaur, Luleå Airport is the closest international airport. It offers direct flights to several major cities in Sweden, as well as international destinations such as Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.


Umeå Airport

Situated around 250 kilometres southeast of Arvidsjaur, Umeå Airport is another regional airport that can be reached by driving. It provides domestic flights to various cities in Sweden, including Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Kiruna Airport

Although a bit farther away at approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Arvidsjaur, Kiruna Airport is a popular choice for travellers. It offers both domestic and international flights, connecting to destinations such as Stockholm, Luleå, and Helsinki.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport

If you prefer a larger international airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport is an option. It is located around 700 kilometres southeast of Arvidsjaur, so driving may not be feasible. However, you can easily reach Arvidsjaur by taking a connecting flight from Stockholm to Luleå or Umeå airports.

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Things to do in Arvidsjaur

With a wide variety of attractions in Arvidsjaur, we've narrowed it down to our top 3 selections to make your planning easier:

Lappstaden (The Sami Town)

Arvidsjaur's Lappstaden is a cultural gem, showcasing traditional Sami huts. Discover the Sami people's rich heritage and their deep bond with nature through guided tours and exhibitions. Immerse yourself in this serene spot of cultural significance.

Galtispuoda Mountain

Galtispuoda Mountain: Outdoor adventures await! Ski in winter, hike in summer. Breathtaking views of Swedish Lapland. Perfect for beginners and experienced skiers. Nature lovers, this is your haven!

Arvidsjaur's Winter Market

Visit Arvidsjaur Winter Market in winter for a century-old traditional market showcasing local crafts, food, and Sami culture. Immerse in the festive atmosphere, try local delicacies, shop for handicrafts, and enjoy winter activities. A celebration of the region's heritage!

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