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Arica is a town located in the Amazonas department of Colombia, bordering Peru and Brazil. The town itself is a good starting point for exploring the natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest. The Natural Cahuinarí National Park is a popular destination for spotting wildlife like monkeys, dolphins and jaguars. The climate is hot and humid year-round with plenty of rain. If you are looking for outdoor activities then Arica is a good option to consider.

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Airports near Arica

There are a variety of airports to choose from when visiting Arica. Here's 4 airports that serve Arica.

El Dorado International Airport

This is the largest and busiest airport in Colombia and is located approximately 500 kilometres (310 miles) southeast of Arica. It offers numerous domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers to connect to Arica.


Rafael Núñez International Airport

Situated around 600 kilometres (370 miles) northwest of Arica, this airport serves as a major gateway to the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It offers both domestic and international flights, providing travellers with the option to connect to Arica.


Simón Bolívar International Airport

Located approximately 650 kilometres (400 miles) northwest of Arica, this airport serves as another entry point to the Caribbean coast. It offers domestic and limited international flights, making it a potential connecting point for travellers heading to Arica.


Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport

Situated around 800 kilometres (500 miles) southwest of Arica, this airport is one of the busiest in Colombia. It offers domestic and international flights, providing travellers with the option to connect to Arica.

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Things to do in Arica

Exploring Arica's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

El Morro de Arica

This massive cliff of compressed sand and rock guards the southern tip of the city. It was a strategic military point in the War of the Pacific, and today you can visit the Museo de Armas (Weapons Museum) located at the top for panoramic views of Arica, the ocean, and the coastline.

La Cuevas de Anzota

Hike along a scenic 12-kilometre coastal path to reach La Cuevas de Anzota, a series of caves carved by waves over thousands of years. Explore the caves and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

Museo de Sitio Colón 10

This archaeological museum houses the Chinchorro mummies, some of the oldest artificially preserved mummies in the world. Learn about the Chinchorro culture and their mummification practices.