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Archangelsk is a port city located in northwest Russia, on the Northern Dvina River close to where it meets the White Sea. It's a good choice for travellers interested in Russian history and culture beyond the usual tourist destinations. Archangelsk was an important trading port for centuries, and the city has a number of historical sites related to this past. You can visit the Archangelsk Regional Museum for exhibits on local history, or see the impressive wooden architecture of the open-air museum Malye Korely. The city is also a gateway to the Solovetsky Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a fascinating history that includes a former monastery and a Soviet-era gulag prison camp.

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Airports near Archangelsk

There are multiple ways to reach Archangelsk - here are 4 airports you can use to get to Archangelsk.

Pulkovo Airport

This international airport often provides the most convenient domestic connections to Archangelsk. From St. Petersburg, you'll find direct flights to Talagi Airport (ARH), which serves Archangelsk. Once in Archangelsk, you can use taxis, buses, or rental cars for ground transportation.


Sheremetyevo International Airport

Moscow acts as Russia's central air travel hub, offering multiple daily flight options to Archangelsk (ARH). Upon arrival in Archangelsk, local taxi services, buses, or car rentals provide easy onward travel.


Helsinki Airport

Flying into Helsinki from international destinations may be an option if direct travel to Russia is unavailable. From Helsinki, you'll need to connect to a flight heading into either Moscow or St. Petersburg and onward to Archangelsk.


Murmansk Airport

Located in northwest Russia, Murmansk Airport mainly serves domestic flights. It may be a potential connecting point depending on your origin and if flight connections align with a final leg to Archangelsk.

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Things to do in Archangelsk

With a wealth of sights to see in Archangelsk, here are our top 3:

Arkhangelsk State Museum of Fine Arts

Immerse yourself in Russian art history at the Arkhangelsk State Museum of Fine Arts. Discover collections spanning centuries, from icons and 18th-century portraits to works by Soviet and contemporary artists.

Mal Archangelsk Open-Air Museum

Step back in time and explore the traditional way of life at the Mal Archangelsk Open-Air Museum. Wander through wooden houses, churches, and windmills, and learn about the region's rich cultural heritage and architectural styles.

Archangelsk Cathedral

Witness the grandeur of Archangelsk Cathedral, a magnificent example of 17th-century Russian architecture. Admire the five-domed structure, explore its ornate interior, and learn about the cathedral's significance as a spiritual and cultural landmark.

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