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Angers is a historic city located in western France, situated at the confluence of three rivers – the Maine, Sarthe, and Loir. The city was an important stronghold for centuries. In fact, it was the seat of the Plantagenet dynasty in the Middle Ages. Today, Angers offers visitors a charming mix of old and new. The historic centre features half-timbered houses and the massive Château d’Angers, home to the world’s largest medieval tapestry. Angers also has a lively university scene and a thriving cafe culture. The city is also a great base for exploring the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climate-wise, Angers experiences mild summers and cool winters, with moderate rainfall year-round.

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Airports near Angers

There are multiple ways to reach Angers - here are 4 airports you can use to get to Angers.

Nantes Atlantique Airport

Located approximately 90 kilometres southwest of Angers, Nantes Atlantique Airport is the closest international airport to the city. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a convenient option for travellers.


Tours Val de Loire Airport

Situated around 100 kilometres east of Angers, Tours Val de Loire Airport is another regional airport that serves the Loire Valley region. It offers flights to several European destinations and provides a good alternative for travellers looking for a closer airport.


Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport

Located approximately 120 kilometres northwest of Angers, Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport is another regional airport that can be considered. It offers domestic and international flights, making it a viable option for travellers.


Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

If none of the above options suit your needs, you can consider flying into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is the largest international airport in France. From there, you can either take a connecting flight to a more local airport or opt for other transportation options like trains or buses to reach Angers. The distance between Paris and Angers is approximately 300 kilometres, so it would require additional travel time.

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Things to do in Angers

Angers has an abundance of attractions to see - to make things easier, here's our top 3:

Château d'Angers

This massive castle is a must-see for any visitor to Angers. Built in the 13th century, it was once a residence of the Plantagenet kings of England. Today, the castle houses the impressive Apocalypse Tapestry, a series of 70 tapestries depicting the biblical Book of Revelation.

Angers Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Maurice)

This stunning cathedral is a prime example of Angevin Gothic architecture. Be sure to take in the elaborate stained glass windows and the impressive 15th-century organ. Construction of the cathedral began in the 12th century and continued for over 300 years.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

This art museum houses a collection of over 700 works of art, from French and Italian Renaissance paintings to sculptures and decorative art. The museum is located in a beautiful 15th-century building that was once the seat of the Dukes of Anjou.

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