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Almeria is a port city in southeastern Spain, along the Mediterranean coast. It offers a mix of historical attractions and natural beauty. Those interested in history will enjoy the Alcazaba, a well-preserved Moorish fortress overlooking the city. The Almería Cathedral is another impressive structure, featuring a Gothic ribbed ceiling. If you'd like to relax on the beach, Almeria boasts a long coastline with plenty of options. The Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is also nearby, offering hiking trails, volcanic landscapes, and secluded coves. Almeria can be a good choice for travellers who want a destination with historical significance, beautiful beaches, and access to nature.

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Airports near Almería

There are multiple ways to reach Almería - here are 4 airports you can use to get to Almería.

Almería Airport

This is the closest airport to Almería city, located just 9 kilometres east of the city centre. It is a commercial passenger airport with regular flights to various destinations in Spain and Europe.


Malaga Airport

Although not as close as Almería Airport, Malaga Airport is a popular choice for travellers visiting Almería. It is approximately 200 kilometres west of Almería and can be reached by a 2-hour drive. Malaga Airport is a major international airport with numerous flight connections to destinations worldwide.


Alicante-Elche Airport

Located around 250 kilometres northeast of Almería, Alicante-Elche Airport is another option for travellers. It is a well-connected airport with a wide range of domestic and international flights. A drive from Alicante to Almería takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.


Granada Airport

Although not as well-connected as the previous options, Granada Airport is within a reasonable driving distance from Almería. It is approximately 160 kilometres northeast of Almería, and the drive takes around 2 hours. Granada Airport offers domestic flights within Spain and limited international connections.

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Things to do in Almería

Discovering the many attractions of Almería can be quite a task, so we've narrowed down our top 3:

Discover the Majestic Alcazaba

Explore Almería's rich history as you wander through the ancient walls of the Alcazaba, a stunning Moorish fortress offering panoramic views of the city and sea.

Experience the Unique Desert Landscapes of Tabernas

Step into the world of classic Western films and experience the raw beauty of Europe's only desert, a must-visit for nature lovers and film enthusiasts alike.

Indulge in Authentic Andalusian Cuisine

Treat your taste buds to Almería's gastronomic delights, from fresh seafood to traditional tapas, and experience the true flavours of Andalusia in every bite.

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