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Ålesund, Norway, is a destination suited to those interested in a blend of urban exploration and dramatic natural beauty. The city itself is known for its distinctive architecture, with colourful buildings in the Art Nouveau style lining the waterfront canals. Beyond the city, Alesund acts as a gateway to the famous fjords of western Norway. Day trips or longer cruises are readily available, allowing visitors to experience these iconic geological features firsthand. For those seeking outdoor activities, hiking and kayaking opportunities are also abundant in the surrounding area.

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Airports near Ålesund

You have choices when it comes to reaching Ålesund. Here is a selection of 4 airports you can fly to when travelling to Ålesund.

Ålesund Airport, Vigra

This is the closest airport to Ålesund, located on the island of Vigra. It is a commercial passenger airport with domestic and international flights.


Molde Airport, Årø

Located approximately 2 hours away from Ålesund, Molde Airport is another option for travellers. It offers domestic flights and limited international connections.


Bergen Airport, Flesland

Although not as close as the previous two options, Bergen Airport is a major international airport in Norway. It is around a 5-hour drive from Ålesund, but it offers a wider range of domestic and international flights.


Trondheim Airport, Værnes

If you are willing to drive a bit further, Trondheim Airport is another option. It is approximately a 6-hour drive from Ålesund and offers domestic and international flights.

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Things to do in Ålesund

Discovering the many attractions of Ålesund can be quite a task, so we've narrowed down our top 3:

Ålesund's Art Nouveau Architecture

Ålesund, rebuilt after a fire in 1904, is a unique architectural gem in Europe. Explore picturesque streets, ornate buildings, and beautiful facades. Visit Jugendstilsenteret to learn about the town's distinctive Art Nouveau style.

Aksla Viewpoint

Visit Mount Aksla in Ålesund for stunning views of the archipelago, fjords, and Sunnmøre Alps. Climb 418 steps to Fjellstua lookout point or take the city train. Don't miss the café for a relaxing experience. Capture Norway's natural beauty here!

Atlantic Sea Park (Atlanterhavsparken)

Discover the Atlantic Sea Park, Northern Europe's largest saltwater aquarium. Immerse yourself in the marine life of the North Atlantic, with landscape tanks replicating Norwegian coast habitats. Observe fish, octopuses, seals, and enjoy diving shows and feeding sessions. Just a short distance from the city centre at Tueneset.