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Ainsworth, located in the state of Iowa, is a small-town destination that could be a good choice for travellers interested in a relaxing and low-key experience. Ainsworth offers a few attractions for visitors. Those interested in local history could visit the Ainsworth County Historical Museum, which has displays on the area's settlement and development. Outdoor enthusiasts could explore the parks along the Middle Raccoon River, which offer opportunities for hiking, fishing and picnicking. Overall, Ainsworth is a destination suited for travellers looking for a calm and peaceful stopover. It provides a chance to unwind and experience small-town Iowa life.

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Airports near Ainsworth

Reach Ainsworth your way. You can easily travel to Ainsworth using any of these 4 airports.

Norfolk Regional Airport

This is the closest airport to Ainsworth, located about 85 miles (137 km) southeast. It offers connections to some major cities like Denver and Minneapolis, but flight options might be limited compared to other airports. Consider the additional ground transportation cost and time (approximately 1 hour 20 minutes by car) when making your decision.


Omaha Eppley Airfield

This major airport is around 215 miles (346 km) east of Ainsworth and offers a wider range of flight options and potentially lower fares due to its higher connectivity. However, you'll need to factor in the additional ground transportation cost and time (approximately 3 hours 30 minutes by car) to reach Ainsworth.


Lincoln Airport

Located about 220 miles (354 km) east of Ainsworth, Lincoln Airport offers connections to various cities within the US and some international destinations. While flight options might be fewer than in Omaha, it could be a good alternative if you find suitable connections and prefer exploring the state capital before reaching Ainsworth. Factor in the additional ground transportation cost and time (approximately 3 hours 45 minutes by car).


Denver International Airport

This major airport is around 420 miles (676 km) west of Ainsworth and offers connections to various domestic and international destinations, potentially providing more flexibility and potentially lower fares, especially if you're travelling from overseas. However, it's the farthest option on this list, translating to significantly longer travel time and higher ground transportation costs (approximately 7 hours by car). Consider connecting flights via other airports if Denver is your chosen point of entry.

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Things to do in Ainsworth

Exploring Ainsworth's many attractions can be overwhelming, so we've handpicked our top 3:

Experience the Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Discover Ainsworth's breathtaking landscapes, from its lush forests to its serene lakes. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, it's the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

Step Back in Time

Explore Ainsworth's rich history through its well-preserved historical sites and museums. Experience the charm of a bygone era and learn about the town's fascinating past.

Indulge in Local Delights

Savour the unique flavours of Ainsworth with its farm-to-table dining experiences and local wineries. Taste the freshness of locally sourced ingredients and the richness of homegrown wines.

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